Sheer Terror Roasted Snookie at Churchills Pub on St. Patrick's Day in Miami

Paul Bearer gets down with Bushmills in the Churchill's green room
Is Paul Bearer Irish?

"Fuck no. Not at all. Polish, Italian, and Spanish ... New York mutt."

But that didn't stop Sheer Terror's lead singer and driving force from beating up on Churchill's Pub like a Catholic does a Protestant on St. Paddy's Day.

The band brought out all the hits from the old days, new cuts from more recent work, and even a cover of Sham 69's own "What Have We Got."

The crowd consisted of hundreds of rowdy good time rock and roll animals out on the town for a good time at the pub. Opening bands Trust No One, Nobody's Hero, On Our Own, and Hardware Youth went hard for the city too.
Nobody's Hero's last show, for now.

But at the end of the day, everybody was waiting for the main event, Sheer Terror, who went on some time after 1 in the morning, and had the crowd riled up and ready to explode.
Frequent flyer miles

Here to stay

Sham 69 cover
Paul Bearer
Paul Bearer, infamous for his on stage diatribes threw around a few classic quotes about why it's wrong to burn the Koran, "common fuckin' respect," roasting Snookie from Jersey Shore like a pig on a stick because it's Spring Break, workin' like a babysitter as security at a bar for the past 18 fuckin' years, saying "Shut up punk," and to break up a fight, "Hey yous tough guys, tattoos, wifebeaters, everybody, calm the fuck down. You too honey, yer gonna ruin the whole show for everybody. You get that? Maybe not. Meth is bad."

Miami had a great time, and the band looked like they did too. We'll see them back when the new record comes out.

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Churchill's Pub

5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

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