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​After enduring hordes of beat freaks who plundered its dollar bins, Sweat Records continues to live up to its namesake, working hard to keep the party going through the rest of the month and well through April.

Little Haiti's favorite indie music store, vegan coffee shop, and all-ages event space is gearing up for its annual Sweatstock block party on April 21, AKA Record Store Day. And in the lead up to Miami's biggest local music festival, the store has debuted a new customer reward system in which Sweat shoppers are issued membership punchcards that track purchases and lead to, yes, free stuff.

Want to get a head start and score some extra reward points? Check the jump for complete details on how to enter Sweat's Customer Loyalty Card Contest. P.S. Check out the Sweatstock ChipIn page, a Kickstarter-like fund drive that will help keep the festival free.


The contest rules are simple:

1. Go to Sweat Records
2. Make a purchase
3. Stare deeply into the eyes of the person behind the register and say, "Crossfade."

The first five customers to complete this aggressively simple sequence of actions will be rewarded with two extra points which, including one for their purchase, will leave them with three points overall.

You're welcome, vinyl junkies.

Follow Crossfade on Facebook and Twitter @Crossfade_SFL

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Sweat Records

5505 NE Second Ave., Miami, FL

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Get Yo Belly On!
Get Yo Belly On!

Oh Man... Punch cards are so 2008...or before! Wish I had found you guys before you decided to roll these out.  BELLY™ Card is the new Digital Punch Card loyalty program in Miami... Not only is it SUPER SWEAT...It's so simple and your customers can find you on the iPhone and/or Android App.  It's 100% free for your customers and less than $2 a day for a business...and you get an iPad!!! (Emailing you now! :)

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