Three Reasons Lil B Based God Deserves To Speak At NYU

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​There's been a lot of chatter on the internet about swag rapper Lil B Based God's upcoming guest lecture at NYU.

Come April 11, the master chef pretty boy himself will impart what he told Fuse, "a real progressive talk and when everybody leaves, their lives will be changed."

You may be confused by all this. Isn't he clearly high on at least three bottles of codeine syrup in every video? True, but here are three reasons we believe he's the right, positive role model for America's youth.

Lil B Is a Published Author
It's a proven fact stupid people can't write books, and back in 2009, the Based God released a motivational text called "Takin' Over (by Imposing the Positive)."

It's full of memoirs and inspirational quotes like "Anger is old, violence is past tense," and "The irony of loneliness is that everybody shares it from time to time." For someone who looks like Paris Hilton, that's fucking deep.

Perhaps he'll let the NYU crowd in on the secret of his positive thinking manifesto, and explain how to use myspace and youtube to get yourself off the mean streets and looking pretty as a rich ho, too.

Lil B Invented the Cooking Dance
Dancing makes everyone happier, and Lil B gave the world a unique dance craze full of delicious flavor. If these kids weren't in their kitchens, filming themselves making tasty meals, they'd probably be doing something much more dangerous.

You have to start small and work your way through the chef ranks. Our favorite move is eating, because any time you're eating, you're getting money. Cooking is like a metaphor for life, really. But try to keep a serious face because it's not a joke when you're cooking. You're trying to make the best meal.

Lil B Is a Social Activist
In a glitz pop era of senseless braggadocio, Based God is a true artist who isn't afraid to shed light on trying social issues. Last year, he released an emotional track called "I Got Aids," raising awareness about the deadly virus and urging fans to get tested.

And everyone knows about the MC's controversial album titled "I'm Gay." The swag master said he was just trying to show support for the LGBT community, although he's heterosexual and means it in the antiquated "I'm happy" sense of the word.

Still, if you've ever seen the guy, you may have found yourself wondering. A lot of rumors are going around that Lil B will announce his bisexuality at the NYU lecture, and while there isn't much evidence to support it, we think it would be the kind of life changing statement the world needs.

Hip hop is too homophobic, and a bi Based God could change the game forever. Because that means Solider Boy is probably bi, too.

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based kid
based kid

As a pretty closeted bisexual myself i can tell you straight away that lil b has inspired me not to give a fuck about those putting me down, cause they're just joining in with everyone else who're also joining in with everyone else.

his whole dress sense, musical style causing so much love and hate at the same time, the only guys who hated it were the ones who hate anything that isn't considered ''normal'

it got me to realise that living life through the 'normal' path would be boring as fuck, those people are also those who hate guys for having a bit more money than them and strike them down for it, even though they'd kill to be in the same position

i have never heard of this book before but am going to check it out

much love and respect whatever the case, thank you basedgod and good luck.


Solider Boy is more solid than Solid Boy was, and Solid Boy was solid.


I want to see based god speak so badly. He's a unique, progressive rapper that isn't just about fucking bitches and gettin money. Yes, he has "ignorant" songs like that, but that's because he has fun making music and is very versatile. His other, more positive style of songs stand alone in the rap world of today. No other rappers is accomplish what he is doing and his following is cult-like.


horrible story. this person clearly isnt Based.


although i would truly support lil b if he "came out" , i don't think that is the case for this lecture. i'm jealous i can not attend and hope it will be filmed.

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