Pitbull Wins Big, Cristian Castro Butchers Selena, Plus Other Highlights and Lowlights from the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2012

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Check out Crossfade's complete list of winners and losers at last night's Billboard Latin Music Awards.

The Billboard Latin Music Awards picked up where it left off last year. With Pitbull.

Rising from the stage and seeming to struggle with his microphone, Mr. Worldwide opened the show with a two-song set. After performing "Sube las Manos Pa' Arriba," Pit was joined on stage by his Dominican protégé Sensato. The two tore it up with their infectious Spanglish rap track, "Loca People."

However, the ceremonies quickly took a turn toward Awkward Town and never looked back. With only a kiddie-sized handful of exceptions, the Billboard Latin Music Awards were an overall disappointment.

See the cut for the five most memorable moments -- some good, some bad -- from last night's telecast.

Highlight: Pitbull
After getting robbed last year at the Billboard Latin Music Awards, Pitbull walked away with one of the first prizes of the night, Male Songs Artist of the Year. He was noticeably excited, and rightfully so. He thanked everyone from his abuela to the city of Miami, "305." But most importantly, it felt sincere. Kudos, Pitbull.

Lowlight: iLuminate
Sensato and Pitbull were followed by Mexican turntabilists Tribal de Monterrey. What came next, however, was a complete waste of airtime.

Decked out in LED suits, the "iLuminate" dance crew performed a routine to LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem." While the dancing was stellar, their glow-in-the-dark gimmick was anything but spectacular. Maybe it was the poor camera work or the girl who kept "wooing." Whatever the case, it was boring.

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You forgot to mention "the" big winner Don Omar and Prince Royce, wow you must have only watch part of the show.

I was there...
I was there...

It was obvious that you were not at the performance. Team iLuminate made the crowd go absolutely nuts. Worst critic ever. You should attend the events you cover. Oh wait, you are probably too small time to get a press pass...

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