Dick Clark Admits "I'm a Whore": Five Reason We Agree

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The year was 1973. Legendary music journalist Ben Fong-Torres lands a sit-down interview with then 43-year-old Dick Clark at his Malibu home.

After snacking on berries dipped in brown sugar and topped with sour cream, the self-described "naive, long-haired inquisitor from San Francisco" on assignment for Rolling Stone magazine asks Clark about his varied business ventures.

Clark argues that anything goes "as long as you can sleep with yourself at night."

The answer leaves a bad taste in Fong-Torres's mouth, causing him to slowly shake his head in disapproval.

"The problem," Clark replies, "is that you're a fucking idealist, and I'm a whore."

From stock in record labels to film and television production credits, Dick Clark seemingly milked every entertainment avenue for a buck. And quite frankly, nobody did it better. He wasn't just the world's oldest teenager. He was one of the entertainment world's biggest whores.

Commercials This Dairy Queen spot from 1986 is just one of several commercials Dick Clark appeared in over the course of his life. Dude's pushed everything from the Columbia Records & Tape Club to Levis.

Film Cameos
Dick Clark loved being in the spotlight. In fact, Ben Fong-Torres called it his "comfort zone" in the Hollywood Reporter. Whether on the small screen or the big screen, Dick Clark was an all-natural whore in front of the camera.

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