PillowTalk and Five Other Live Acts Redefining Electronic Dance Music

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4. Maceo Plex
Floridian native Maceo Plex (AKA Eric Estornel) is pretty much the hottest thing in electronic dance music right now. And it's not just because of the dark yet sexy future funk sound that's all his own, it's also because of his energetic and ecstatic live shows. For instance, his by-now legendary performance at the Electric Pickle for Get Lost during 2011's Miami Music Week.

5. Portable AKA Bodycode
South African-born Alan Abrahams, who goes by Portable or Bodycode depending on the musical context, is one of the more original voices in EDM. Channeling the tribal rhythms of Africa through techno's futurism and a soulful lyricism, he considers his live performances a sort of shamanic vehicle for psychic release, as he told Crossfade in 2011.

6. Nicolas Jaar
Chilean-American wunderkind producer Nicolas Jaar did things different right from the start, employing his own voice while performing his kaleidoscopic sonic tapestries with hardware instead of DJ gear. And he's continued expanding his live performance M.O., recently enlisting a full ensemble of musicians -- which while not being 100% electronic music by definition, at least shows the right spirit.

PillowTalk. Saturday, April 14. Electric Pickle, 2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami. The party starts at 10 p.m. and tickets cost $10 plus fees via residentadvisor.net. Ages 21 and up. Call 305-456-5613 or visit electricpicklemiami.com.

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Electric Pickle

2826 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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Article should be titled 'acts that have gained notoriety in the last 2 years and happen to have a live element to their shows'.

If you want to talk about innovative you should talk about the music coming out of the UK and Berlin. Dubstep DJs became a bit tired with the stagnant scene and started to blend techno with their bass-heavy sounds. The result? The music coming out of Hessle Audio/Hotflush Records/Hyperdub. The fact that you have not mentioned Burial or someone like that says a lot about your knowledge of the current state of music. Dude released an EP less than 6 months ago that is miles ahead of everything on this list. 

Listen to Objekt's latest Electronic Exploirations podcast or the Fabric/Fabriclive mixes curated by artists like Pearson Sound and Pinch. That is pushing the envelope. 


where is maya jane coles in this magical list??

Mikael Ouriques
Mikael Ouriques

What's SO INNOVATIVE bout those live acts to redefine electronic music? 


They are awesome musicians, specially maceo plex, but they're doing things that we saw a thousand times before. I think i could sya that they are bringing the term "live PA" - the real kind of live PA - back to the spots. And that's it.

Sean Levisman
Sean Levisman

Mikael, you're entitled to disagree with the semantics used in the title. What we meant by "redefining" electronic dance music is that they are redefining the standard or norm by by electronic dance music is presented live. Instead of spinning records, they are performing with instruments, hardware and live vocals.

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