Hunx and His Punx: Top Ten NSFW Things We Learned Via Seth Bogart's Twitter

Photo by Suzy Poling
Seth Bogart is queercore's flat-chested poster boy and a household name among same-sex households with an affinity for independent garage rock.

The colorful 31-year-old Hunx and his Punx frontman has become one of Hardly Art's chief impresarios, a showman who's second to none. Whether he's eye-fucking men at his lively shows, threatening to pee in a bandmate's butthole, or questioning the respective sizes of the Jacuzzi Boys' dicks, Bogart's brash, unfiltered persona is both charming and alarming.

At a Sailor Jerry event in Miami last year, a free-balling Bogart did all three -- eye-fucked, threatened, and questioned. "I feel that this is, like, fake," he told the crowd that night. "Don't you feel like we're all extras in a movie?"

This Friday, Hunx and his Punx's metaphysical movie will resume filming in Miami when Bogart and his band bursts into Churchill's Pub, Little Haiti's indie music equivalent to a San Francisco glory hole -- seedy, sloppy, and undeniably tempting.

The Miami stop is one of several on the group's current tour, an international trek across North America and Europe in support of Bogart's first solo effort, Hairdresser Blues.

One writer at New Times' sister paper LA Weekly called Hairdresser Blues "empowering," writing:

Hairdresser Blues is not a great record. It's a simple record with some nice songs. But if you listen to it in the context of it being an outlet for a very free man who does whatever he wants even though society might not accept him for it, then suddenly it's an important record. It makes the jump from gimmicky to empowering in a microsecond.

Similarly, Bogart's Twitter account is an outlet for a very free man who does and says whatever he wants even though society might not accept him for it.

We've learned a great deal about Bogart via his @HunxandhisPunx Twitter handle, especially over the past year. Ten of our absolute favorite Hunxisms are listed below. Like Bogart, they're unfiltered and unedited, often bizarre but always quirky.

You may be shocked by what you're about to read. You might gag, cry, laugh, or a combination of all three. You won't, however, ever forget Seth Bogart.

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Churchill's Pub

5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

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