Madonna's Phony Bologna Feuding: The Material Girl's Five Best Beefs of 2012

We're not entirely sure why, but it seems that all of popular culture is rebelling against Madonna.

Talk show hosts, contemporary pop stars, and LARPers have all had something nasty to say about The Queen of Pop over the past few months.

In fact, the snark has been so intense, we wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing wasn't a "rebranding" comparable to Miley Cyrus promoting her newfound sluttiness. Maybe this is how people will start to think Madonna is edgy again, because she's just crazy enough to join Twitter for a day to talk shit.

Crossfade thinks all this phony bologna "feuding" is whack. Nonetheless, check out our top five Madonna-related beefs of 2012.

The Challenger: Piers Morgan, Talk Show Host

The Dispute: From the second Morgan inherited Larry King's coveted slot, the host has inexplicably taken endless shots at The Queen of Pop. First he joked about Lady Gaga (more on her later) rendering Madonna irrelevant. Then he made fun of the Material Mom's manly arms. And now he's taken his ambiguously motivated hate to Twitter. The official responses? "Madonna doesn't even know who Piers Morgan is" and, most recently, that the talking head is "delusional for starting a feud with her."

The Winner: Madonna. Who the fuck is Piers Morgan?

The Challenger: Lady Gaga

The Dispute: After a few months of broiling media tension over the similarities between Madonna's classic "Express Yourself" and Gaga's more recent "Born This Way," Esther went on 20/20 and told interviewer Cynthia McFadden that when she first heard the track she thought, "it sounded very familiar." Gaga's producer responded by calling Madonna an old lady and a few months later Gaga described the initial accusation as, "retarded."

The Winner: Lady Gaga. Even if she is guilty of plagiarism, hasn't Madonna been ripping off the gay club scene for decades?

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@ Matt Preira  re: Dispute No.3 You bet Madonna came out on top because Sir Elton John is a bitter old queen that no one will be attracted to.And Madonna, being a woman, is not only still attractive, she attracts more men that Elton ever Dispute No.4MIA should have respected that it was Madonna's show and not hers.Madonna made sure that she was going to put on a great show because she knows how much crap people talk about her already. MIA is just lucky in the way that she received a minute and a half of news time.Can you tell me about anything that MIA has done that will go down in Music History other than her shooting her middle at the crowd at the SuperBowl while she was performing with MADONNA?


@ Matt PreiraAs far as dispute No. 2 is concerned. Get your dates right because you're a journalist.Madonna didn't mention anything about "Born This Way" till almost a year after the song was released. Initially, Gaga lied by saying that she let Madonna hear the song before she released it and got Madonna's thumps up on the song. If she had, Madonna wouldn't have called it "reductive" on ABC's 20/20. Madonna..., with her outstanding intellect and class said nothing about the song until Cynthia Mcfadden asked her the question on prime time TV. Madonna wasn't going to back down and not answer the question. 20/20 is a serious show and she wasn't going to not rise up to the occasion.

I'm sick of people saying that everything Madonna does is wrong!


"with her outstanding intellect and class "........



@ SEE YAA@SEEYAA:disqus Yes. You read it correctly. Class.Madonna said nothing while the rest of the world was ranting that "Born This Way" was a ripoff of "Express Yourself."Grace Jones, Bette Midler, and possibly other female artists immediately attacked Gaga for feeling ripped off by her. Madonna's comment about Gaga herself was valid and fair.So..., she did say that Gaga's song sounded familiar...

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