"My Neck, My Back" Rapper Khia Tweets Naked Picture of Herself, Celebrates Ten Years of Cunnilingus (NSFW)

It was exactly ten years ago yesterday that cunnilingus got its very own theme song.

On April 2, 2002, Tampa stripper-turned-rapper Khia released her would-be hit, "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)," a three minute and 42-second long tribute to the orally-induced female orgasm.

Today however, it's not Khia's neck, back, pussy, or crack that's making headlines, rather the 41-year-old Thug Misses' "dinner" plate-size nipples.

According to Media Takeout, "1990s rapper Khia" has leaked a "nekkid" picture of herself. Check out the NSFW photo after the cut.

Khia tweeted the semi-nude photo on Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week. Throwing Jesus into the mix, the rapper wrote, "OMG THEY HACKED ME... OMG. OMG. OMG. HAHA"


Media Takeout says the picture was taken in 1995, suggesting the singer may not look as good today as she did in the mid-90s. "She don't look bad. Too bad them pics were from 1995."

Nevertheless, since releasing the image, Khia has been milking her tit-pic for ultimate publicity. Yesterday, she was campaigning for a Playboy cover, arguing that the venerable men's magazine "really [needs] a nappy headed hoe on the cover."

Khia also inexplicably directed a tweet at Josh Groban, inviting the adult contemporary singer to check out her neck and back. She wrote, "I love you baby!" and posted a link to the "My Neck, My Back" video.

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One question.

Why Khia?

Start a business for young African Men and Woman, or just start a business for everyone. Why would you do this and disrespect yourself like this. I know the sone My Neck My Back. But I would have never thought you would take it this far. Too bad so sad. I wonder what your grandkids friends would say to your grandkids.  Didn't you even think before you had someone to take this shot. What a waste.

Take care.

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