NoSleep305 Talks Jungle Psychosis, Cocaine, Bass, and Hip Hop

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Various forms of psychosis
Governments create human killing-machines by robbing them of sleep. Yogis deprive themselves of it for spiritual enlightenment. Electronic collective NoSleep305's Dni replaces it with music, and runs wild eyed beat-freak party marathons on pure, maniac adrenaline.

The information security dude spends all day outsmarting data-thieving Chinese hackers, and all night using pattern blocking mental technology to form perfect squares of music he assembles live in improvised buildups, drops, and breakdowns.

NoSleep305 is jungle/drum and bass with a mix of hip hop and 305 marching powder. Here's what Dni has to say about it.


Crossfade: How did you get started with this project?

NoSleep305: When I was in Askultura I was messing with a lot of electronic stuff, making dubs with old Lee Scratch Perry tracks mixed with Biggie, but the band were like "nah, I'm not feeling that." But I didn't give a fuck what they thought, and I kept doing it.

Psychosis by nosleep305

How'd you develop your workflow?

I was inspired by Telekinetic Walrus, who put me on to Ableton Live. I started going 16-hours consecutive for months learning how to use it. I've spent countless nights chemically enhanced on cocaine or rolling my face off by myself just focusing on my craft. I've developed these weird shin muscles because my laptop and studio monitors are on this low table that I just crouch in front of non stop for so many hours.


What makes you do it?

I'm thinking today is my last day on Earth, and if I don't get it done now, I won't get it done at all. Like I have no hope for tomorrow.

How do you describe your music?

I make street ass jungle. If it ain't street it don't move my feet. You might as well just mosh to my shit. I love making motherfuckers dance and go crazy. It's the fury of punk, the bounce of hip hop, jungle beats, and a lot of Sizzla. Fuck genres. Make music. I have a song with live sitars.

How does it compare to popular electronic music?

No disrespect to anybody for what they're into, but I fuckin' hate house and trance and all that shit. It's soft dawg. My shit is hard.

What about other DJs out there?

A friend will say to me, "When can I come see you spin?" Spin what? Look, I'm not a fuckin' DJ. I don't play other people's music. I make my own music. I produce it, I arrange it, and I launch it live on the spot.

Who do you go live with?

I'm working with Michelangelo from The Cornerstoners. He raps live over the music; And Charlie from Telekinetic Walrus engineers it all. Mad credit to them.

Best For Last by nosleep305

How do you get your music out there?

I promote all day everyday on the forums at, and on IRC chat. That's how we got with Konkrete Jungle, who are international. They have a South Florida chapter and they got us a show at the Awarehouse in front of 1,800 people. That's who reps our shit. I'm having the time of my life, and I'm never gonna stop.


What's next?

Look out for our new EP dropping soon called DTMF. It stands for Dual Tone Multi Frequency. Those are the notes that every phone plays when you push the keys.

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Big ups ot Jake for the write up but I Have to correct statements in this:No Sleep is Charlie Winkler/ Humberto Cabrera / and Michelangelo Chavarro. 

Its these 3 pieces that make it what it is,...  shit be like voltron.,, 

bless up.

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