Rihanna's Porn Habit Triggers Twitter Orgy

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What do you call a sadomasochistic exhibitionist with an offensively perfect body and an affinity for whips, chains, and Brazilian porn? Well, Rihanna, of course.

Staying true to her "I don't have anything to hide" campaign, the Barbadian pop princess opened up about her online porn preferences yesterday, admitting she's a big fan of XXX video-sharing site Pornhub.

Tweeting in third person, Rihanna said, "@Pornhub if u only knew how much @Rihanna looove u!!! #brazilians #latinos"

The online discussion about pornographic preferences was triggered when "Pornhub evangelist / woman with the sweetest job in the world," Jordan, tweeted how much she loved Ri-Ri. "I love @Rihanna so much," she said. "Thought you should all know."

The tweet caught Rihanna's attention and the rest is history; Robyn Fenty revealed her favorite porn genre and sparked a massive Twitter orgy of retweets and replies.

"You so naughty!"

"Give us a sex tape"


But what exactly is Brazilian porn? Is it like Latin porn but with a funnier accent? Are the actors incredibly gifted soccer players? Is Brazilian porn a metaphor for Brazil's global socioeconomic impact, considered by many to be the next China?

You'll have to let us know. We have internet restrictions.

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El Cangri
El Cangri

its just that Brazilian girls are more slutty and love shots to the face,


Its just born with extremely well hung black and indio men who speak portugese.  If fucking hot!, not that I would know.


I stop reading after Rihanna's name. 


Brazilian porn is just big butt latinas getting fucked. Simple.

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