Rihanna Shows Boobies in Hawaii! The Pop Star's Top Five NSFW Moments

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Via facebook.com/rihanna
RiRi taking a topless dip in Hawaii.
This isn't the first time you've seen Rihanna's boobs. And it probably won't be the last.

RiRi has stripped down and freaked out an Irish farmer. She's flashed her nipple rings in public. She's even immortalized her fondness for sado-masochistic sex play.

Basically, the pop star doesn't mind giving the world an eyeful. And pictures from her recent vacay to Hawaii show ... Well, just check it out for yourself.

Here are Rihanna's top five NSFW moments.

Via facebook.com/rihanna

5. The Disappearing Bikini Top
In the past, Rihanna has occasionally blamed the paparazzi for her wardrobe malfunctions. But this one is definitely Ri-Ri's fault. The singer posted pictures of her tropical getaway in a Facebook album this week. She's drinking beer on a boat. She's running 'round in the sand. Oh, and she's ripping her top off under a waterfall.

4. The Farmer Who Didn't Find Love
What's a music video without some nudity? While filming the clip for "We Found Love," Rihanna decided it would be a good idea to expose her breasts. Well, Irish farmer Alan Graham, who's land was being used as a set for the video, didn't appreciate the singer's "inappropriate" behavior.

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Did you seriously not list the nude shots she took on her camera phone?

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