Scott Storch Sued for Being Too Faded to Work, Allegedly Blows Paycheck on Fat Lines of Cocaine

Sorry to beat an aggressively dead horse, but drugs are bad.

If you're dumb enough - and you probably are because you're doing drugs in the first place - they will kill you.

And if they don't kill you, they'll make you uglier, dumber, and dead broke. Sure Drugs make you horny, but they also making you worse at sex. You've gotta wonder why anybody does that shit in the first place?

Oh yeah, 'cause they feel fucking awesome. They feel so good, in fact, that you don't really want to do anything else.

TMZ reports that megaproducer extraordinaire and acclaimed cokehead, Scott Storch, is being sued by a former client over his complete lack of production. And the "alleged" reason for Storch's creative block? We'll give you a clue in the style of Rick Ross: it rhymes with "drugs."

The plaintiff is Treena Ruber, an aspiring vocalist who paid the party boy $30,000 (with another 15K on the way) to produce her music. In turn, Scotty blew fat lines all day (and night), and never wrote a lick of music. At this point, Storch's Miami Vice -meets-Scarface-party-lifestyle-of-doom has been well-documented. He was even arrested two months ago for a yayo-inspired shit fit in a Vegas hotel!

Frankly, Crossfade can't believe that after all these years, Storch still hasn't cleaned up his act. But at the same time, we're grateful for the content.

Cut 'em wide, cut 'em fat!

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Lera gavin
Lera gavin

Chemicals don't possess moral characteristics. It's like saying that the sun is evil for giving people skin cancer. 

As for drugs making you stupid, I beg to differ. There are plenty of scientific studies available that state otherwise. 

Lera Gavin
Lera Gavin

This is just ridiculous. Chemicals don't possess moral characteristics. There are only good uses and bad uses of drugs. It's like saying the sun is evil for giving you skin cancer. 

Only dumb people do drugs? Really? Check this study out:


Yeah, that's right. All drugs in all circumstances are always bad. Just because Scott Storch can't handle his drugs doesn't mean that applies to all drug users. It's the dose that makes the poison, you idiot. 


Wait a min! I'd be a devil's advocate and say you can't generalize a persons proble with cocaine with "DRUGS ARE BAD", that simplifies and classifies other drugs, when it could've been alcohol, prescription drugs, etc. So this man got a law suit and has cocaine problems, period. But drugs won't kill you, you will kill yourself. It's the environment and the hype built around the media and life style of celebrities that's fucking people up!

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