Snoop Dogg's Rolling Words Smokable Book and Four Other 4/20 Gifts for Stoners

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There's no doubt that Snoop Dogg knows how to celebrate 4/20. But the rapper has decided to prove himself yet again.

Snoop recently announced that he will be releasing a novel, Rolling Words: A Smokable Songbook. Yes, you read right.

A regular book would be too boring. So if you want to smoke while reading, Snoop's got you covered. Just strike a match on the book's spine and the pages double as rolling paper. Weed sold separately.

Laugh all you want, but we think Snoop is onto something. While we wait for the rapper to announce the book's release date, his endeavor inspired us to list other things that should come with materials to help you light up.


4. A Shore Thing
We never expected Snooki to release a book. But she did and it bombed. Maybe sales would've been better if she followed in Snoop's footsteps. We're pretty sure the few who actually bought the book were stoned anyway.


3. A Meal at Taco Bell
Sure, you're probably already high or drunk when you get to Taco Bell. But why should the fun stop there?

2. Teletubbies Deluxe Boxset
In case you've never seen Teletubbies, it's basically about four colorful creatures with antennas living in a futuristic dome surrounded by talking flowers. There's no way that the creators weren't high when they came up with the idea for this kid's show. So why should we have to sit through it sober?

1. A Ticket to the Planetarium's Laser Light Show
It's only $8 to check out the laser light show at Miami Science Museum. They even play music from bands like The Doors and Radiohead. But what would make this show ten times better is some rolling paper and a glow-in-the-dark lighter. Just a thought.

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