Steven Tyler's Twisted Toes and Four Other Physical Consequences of Rocking Too Hard

When we last saw him, Steven Tyler had turned into a 63-year-old grandma who'd gotten lost on a sandbar.

Well, the Aerosmith frontman is back in the tabloid blogosphere for his bod. Only this time it's got nothing to do with his grams gams.

No, Steven Tyler has completely fucking twisted toes. And their nails are painted blue.

Check the jump for a full explanation on WTF is up with Stevie's gnarled feet -- plus four other physical consequences of rocking too hard.


The Rock Star: Neil Percival Young

The Injury: Shakey sliced off the tip of his left index finger while trying to cut a ham sandwich.

Rockin' Rating (Scale of 1-10): 4.7

Conclusion: Making lunch is not a very rock-star way to chop off an appendage. But on the other hand, the hardness of one's rocking might be inhibited by hunger.


The Rock Star: Edward Lodewijk Van Halen

The Injury: Eddie had to get a hip replacement after all those years of onstage antics and axe-slangin'.

Rockin' Rating: 6.2

Conclusion: Joint replacement therapy is only slightly cooler than maiming via sandwich.

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