The Worst of Coachella 2012

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See LA Weekly's complete Coachella coverage -- the top moments from Friday, April 20, four highlights from Saturday, April 21, including Black Lips' Biggie Smalls "hologram, and the five best things from Sunday, April 22.

It couldn't all be great performances, decent recreational drugs, and pleasant weather at Coachella 2012. Here are our writers' picks for their least favorite things from this year's festival.

Weekend One

The Bathroom Situation The porta-potties at Coachella were truly repulsive. As the festival progressed, the combined waste of 90,000 accumulated, for lack of a better word. By Sunday not only was it unbearable to be inside one of them, they reeked for a great distance. And God you be barefoot (as many Coachellians were): the floors of the more disgusting units resembled Jackson Pollock paintings. The only opinion was to plug your nose and hope you didn't catch anything, since toilet-seat covers were nowhere to be found. Even worse, in the crush of people exiting after the Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg show, some assholes thought it would be funny to shake the units bordering the campgrounds -- while people were inside. It wasn't. -Kai Flanders

Worst Headgear
Nothing says "Stay away from me boys, I'm crazy," like wearing a wedding veil to Coachella. Here comes the bride! -Neda Salamat

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Wow good job on catching that iThief! I'm always really paranoid that some fucker is going to reach into my bag while I'm dancing or something. 


Who the hell spends $80+ on a Spirit Hood?!!!

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