Top Ten Seizure-Inducing Music Videos

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Swallow your tongue like a "Stupid Hoe" with Nicki Minaj.
Music videos are the ultimate promotional tool.

Sometimes they tell a story. Sometimes they bring the concert into our homes. And sometimes they just slam us in the face with superfast editing and more erratic, bright lights than is medically advisable.

Everyone knows the best vids come with a surgeon general's warning. So here are our top ten seizure-inducing music videos. Sorry, epileptics.

10. J-Wow's "O Dedo"
Okay, so maybe this video is more "awesomely trippy" than "hard to watch." But it scores seizure points for great use of color and natural geographic footage. We wouldn't be surprised if one of these natives suddenly started shaking and swallowed his or her own tongue. Note: The use of kaleidoscopic imagery is a theme that we'll see again and again with increased intensity.

9. Rusko's "Woo Boost"
It doesn't take a million dollars to make an awesome music video, just a green screen and some wobbled-out swag. In 2010, Rusko helped change the world with this jam, causing kids everywhere to seize uncontrollably on the dance floor. Oh wait, that's not epilepsy. That's just how you dance to dubstep.

8. Battles' "Tonto"
The lighting in this cave is really throwing us off. But it's the perfect accompaniment to the staccato textures of this classic jam from Battles' 2007 break-out LP, Mirrored. The video was filmed in an abandoned Welsh slate mine and put together by United Visual Artists, a UK-based collective specializing in awesome light installations. So not only is it cool (though dangerous) to watch, but talking about this vid makes you sound more cultured at parties.

7. Gnarls Barkley's "Run"
This isn't the most famous Gnarls Barkley music video. But it does feature Justin Timberlake, plus some awesome black and white stripes that'll melt your face off. Sure, most of the good freakout stuff doesn't start until 2:10. But once it gets going, hold your tongue.

6. Nicki Minaj's "Stupid Hoe"
Hype Williams hates epileptics and Nicki Minaj hates people who look at her like she's ordinary. Put the two together and you get some superflashy ass-candy. It's sexy. But it could kill you.

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you totally missed lil jon and e 40 snap yo fingers


^ I like to believe the only reason they left it out because, their brain struck it from their as a crazy acid trip. That or the New Times didn't want to take on the liability of posting it one their site.

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