Uncle Luke Says DJ Laz "Felt Stifled by the Current State of FM Radio" and Power 96

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Uncle Luke and his "homeboy Lazaro 'DJ Laz' Mendez."
Seven days ago, the airwaves at "Miami's Party Station" went (figuratively) dead when SoFla booty bass pioneer and 22-year radio vet DJ Laz announced he was quitting his morning show at WPOW-FM.

"Rumors are true, I am no longer with Power 96," Laz confirmed last Monday night via Twitter. "I wish them all the best. And to my coworkers and friends, thank you for everything."

Why did The Pimp With the Limp file his resignation letter? Well, he never answered Crossfade's repeated requests for an interview.

But New Times columnist Luther R. Campbell (AKA 2 Live Crew's Uncle Luke) has raised Laz on his cell, confirming the DJ "felt stifled by the current state of FM radio" and Power 96.

"When my homeboy, Lazaro "DJ Laz" Mendez, suddenly resigned last week from the radio station where he's worked for the past 22 years," Campbell writes in today's edition of Luke's Gospel, "I called him up to find out what was going on.

"Laz said he wanted to focus on the happy things in his life: making music and going on the road ... Back in the '80s and '90s, disc jockeys had a daily playlist of 50 to 60 songs ... Nowadays, it's down to 20. I can see how running the same tracks over and over can get boring."

Yeah, corporate radio sucks. But so does joblessness. Which is why we here at Crossfade think Uncle Luke should set up the newly unemployed Mr. Mendez with a slot on 2 Live Crew's upcoming 20-city "Lollapolooza of Bass music."

Booty poppin' is always in demand. Give Laz the gig.

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2 old hacks, DJ Laz is a morning show clown host- not a radio DJ so his "only playing 20 songs" b.s. excuse sounds fake. Power 96 kicked him to the curve for hsi asking for more money and not bringing in ratings.

Jim Camp
Jim Camp

22 years to get fed up with being stifled ? LOL, most employers push you out of a job/position every couple of years. This move was too calculated, man resigns, this gig pops up in LA ? Take his time and make the move, get all situated. 


I've known Laz before he got the gig at Power. Laz has always been a hard working dude I'm sure he'll have a new job when ever he' s ready. By the way Laz reach out to ya boy Afro-Rican If you need some FIRE music production...Stay In the game my friend

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