Afrojack Says He "Didn't Know Shit" About Paris Hilton's DJ Debut

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Hey, Afrojack.

Remember when we found out that Paris Hilton is debuting her DJ career at Pop Music Festival next month in Brazil, and we thought it was stupid?

Then we were like, "Wait, isn't she dating Afrojack?" And we got kind of upset because we thought maybe you had something to do with it.

Well, please forgive us! Your Jacked Summer Tour sounds totally awesome! We still really want to party with you and Putbull at Bayfront Park in June, because we might not get tomorrow!

Yesterday afternoon, we caught up with Afrojack after recovering from the shock. And when we asked him if he'd helped teach Paris how to beat match, he said he'd had no such influence.

"I've been working with her on her album. I've been helping her out. I produced two tracks for her," he said. "We're good friends and we love the same music."

Alright, fine. So she's not really your girlfriend. We're sorry about making the assumption. But you can understand why we'd think it, especially considering what we've heard from the internet. But still, you're "good friends," you're "helping her out." Did you do this?

"I didn't know shit about DJing. That's like, a surprise or something," he said. "I had no idea."

So, there it is. Paris Hilton is not Afrojack's newest protégé. Thank goodness.

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Funny thing is Paris Hilton went up to Afrojack at midnight to give him a kiss new years eve at The W pool yet they're not dating and he had no influence in her DJn... Bullshit! As much as I love afrojack & don't care.... Someone is lying!


What a moron.  Everyone should boycott his upcoming show at Bayfront.


THEY BOTH SUCK! Pop+pop= suck my cock.

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