Ten Best Cinco De Mayo 2012 Parties in Miami

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¡Andale way!

Once again, it's that time of year when America gets wasted in the name of the defeat of the French in the Battle of Puebla. Whatever.

Tequila rules, the city is on fire, and we don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn.

¡Viva Miami! Here are the ten best Cinco De Mayo 2012 parties.

Via MiamiLiquorStoresDirectory.com
10. El Gato Tuerto Liquor Stores in Little Havana - All day, all  night
Have you noticed how many taco shops there are in Cubaville these days? Or how you can get an eagle and cactus baseball hat at almost any gas station? The Mexican-American community in the City of Miami has grown tremendously in the past few years. So if you wanna see how they party on their own holiday, drink a couple of beers outside the liquor store, and enjoy the action.

9. Mucho Tequila Party at Cafeina, 9pm-7am, no cover
The holy trinity of tequila, tacos, and music come together at this Wynwood oasis for their third anniversary Cinco party. Latin Grammy nominated DJ/producer Mr. Pauer, known for cumbia mashups will probably break out some chilango and norteño surprises for this one. There will also be hot chicks with tequila pistols shooting liquor into people's mouths.

8. First Annual Brickell Cinco De Mayo Fest at El Vato Field, noon-midnight, free
Mini-wrestlers: short, and kick ass. Mariachis: funny suits, drink your liquor, steal your lady, sing about it. Mechanical bulls: Angry carnival worker, flying drunks. Margaritas: Breakfast or dinner, Mexican kool aid. Mexican bites: short story, crabs in Tijuana. Party in a field, puke in the grass, eat more tacos.

7. Cinco de WALL Party - 11p.m. Reserve bottles, door discretion
A Mexican party for your local multinational Narcotrafficker surrounded by expensive liquors, models, and the most expensive friends money can buy.

6. Cupcake Burlesque Party at L.A. Boudoir 8pm, free
There's no Mexican theme, but it's free, and there's sexy, half-naked dancing chicks, live music by Summer Vacation, and the bar across the street, UVA 69, is offering half-off drinks.

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