Deadmau5 on DJ Pauly D: Has No Talent, "Typical Bottle-Popping, Play-Pressing Garbage"

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When he's not bitching about the correlation of ecstasy and dance music on Twitter or Ultra Music Festival ticket prices, Canadian electro artist Deadmau5 rants about reality TV DJs from the comfort of a custom trailer on the set of his forthcoming music video.

Over the weekend, Deadmau5 was shooting a video in Los Angeles when TMZ asked the "electronic music legend" what he thought about DJ Pauly D, and whether or not the Jersey Shore star had any real talent.

"No, not really. But does any DJ have any real DJ talent? Is this song player any better than this other song player? Hmmm."

Deadmau5 first opened up about Pauly D last week on Twitter after the MTV reality show cast member dropped a video for his new single, "Night of My Life."

"So how do you like the video?" Pauly asked his nearly 3.7 million followers.

"Well since you asked, I didn't really enjoy it," Deadmau5 replied. "It looked like it cost about $150 to make, and nothing really creative about it."

Pauly D's fans were livid and Deadmau5 found himself in the middle of yet another Internet shit-storm.

"I just thought it was a piece of shit, in short," Deadmau5 told one Pauly D supporter. "Typical [bottle-popping], [play-pressing] garbage I'm sure everyone's sick of."

When TMZ asked Deadmau5 to comment on the incident, the DJ had some advice for Pauly D.

"The flaw fatale of that was asking everyone what you think. I don't even do that. 'Hey, everyone, here's my new shit, what do you think?' I don't ever do that because I don't really want to know what you think, you know what I mean? I know a greater percentage of you will think it's shit; I don't want to know that."

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Analise Calleiro
Analise Calleiro

 I love Deadmau5 but he's a whiny little bitch..always complaining about something. The song is fun, in cheezy "Call Me Maybe" way. ...... DJ pauly D is following his dreams and he's clearly having a great time doing it. If you dont like it, dont listen to it. Now go make some dubstep like everyone else Deadmau5. 


I love the artists that acually speak the truth and not all about fame n popping bottles. people need to be more open about the subject. All we doing its giving fame to a wack as dude thats part of a reality show making beats, instead of the dude in his garage or little studio makin them fire beats.

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