Facebook Reacts to DJ Laz Leaving Miami for Los Angeles Gig

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El Heat le metieron tremenda paliza a los Knicks last night. But the big news in Miami wasn't the Heat's offense. It was DJ Laz's decision to leave his beloved city for the Los Angeles airwaves.

On Monday, May 14, Lazaro Mendez will debut The DJ Laz Morning Show on Spanish Broadcasting System's KXOL 96.3 FM, "L.A.'s number one party station," less than one month after calling it quits at "Miami's party station," Power 96.

While several fans have taken to Twitter and Facebook to send their well wishes, Laz's critics are also chiming in.

Yesterday, we posted "DJ Laz Returns to Radio, Leaves Miami" to New Times' main Facebook page and 39 folks left comments. Some were positive, some were negative, and at least two were accusatory. Check out some of the best -- and worst -- comments below.

Are You Kidding Me? .png

Bro, we'd totally love a ride to work just to hear what you've go on your iPod. Down to carpool?


We hear the only prescription for a weak morning show is more cowbell. Laz should be just fine, guy.


You might be on to something, Danny. But what should the new format be if Power 96 kicks the bucket?

Laz v Sanchez.png

Wait a tick, calling someone "the Rick Sanchez of" something is a good thing? No, that can't be... Are you sure?


Say what you will about the state of radio, but chill out with the "one less Cuban" jazz. Comments like that make you look dumber than your profile picture suggests.

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OH MY LOTS OF DISGRUNTLED PEEPS.....WELL, I am old-school, and back in the day POWER 96 was DA BOMB!!!  Then I met my b/f and turned me into ROCK!!! LOL, wHATEVER, I love all types of music, well except.....elevator put me to sleep shit, words I can NOT understand,,,,,DAMN, I am old and I don't care, I still get down.  Hey Laz, I know you remember them days at Atlantis (waterpark) POWER 96 PARTIES....OH my lordie lord!!! Now those were GREAT times....people actually got along.  Good Luck!!


Yes...the Heat are on the road to a championship! 


I've given up on radio.. Same bs just a different day. I do xm radio or pandora.. As for Laz leaving all I can say is make ur money haters are gonna hate he knows where home is...

J.J. Colagrande
J.J. Colagrande

calling someone "the Rick Sanchez of" something is mos definitely NOT a good thing...


Why? Because this sh!t rag hates the guy?

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