Kanye West and Kim Kardashian: Three Reasons They Should Shack Up

Are Kim and Kanye finally moving in together?
About two months ago, Kanye West released a Kim Kardashian love song (and Kris Humphries diss track) titled "Theraflu." You know, like cold medicine.

Since then, the rapper and reality star have neither confirmed nor denied their relationship. But they've totally been spotted holding hands and kissing while enjoying shit that new couples typically enjoy, like eating ice cream and going on movie dates.

Now, TMZ is reporting that Kardashian and West have put their respective California homes on the market. And yes, they're apparently making plans to move in together.

While it may sound "cray" that the alleged couple is thinking about cohabitating, there are some definite benefits to splitting the rent. Here are three reasons why we think Kim Kardashian and Kayne West should totally shack up.

Walk of Shame
We've all done it. But the "walk of shame" still sucks. It's bad enough stumbling into your apartment building wearing yesterday's clothes and having to make awkward chitchat with your neighbor. For a celebrity, though, it must be absolutely awful having the paparazzi immortalize this embarassing moment and then blast it across the internets.

Last month, Kim was photographed leaving Kanye's New York City pad wearing the same outfit that she had worn to their movie date on the previous night. In a matter of hours, news of Kim's morning-after walk of shame was already being reported overseas in England.

Had they been living together, none of this would've happened.

E! Show
Fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians are eagerly waiting for the new season, hoping to catch a Kayne cameo or two. But if Kim and Ye are as serious as the rumors suggest, E! might want to consider a spin-off, Hanging with Kimye West.

The show would be like Newlyweds, minus likeable celebrities Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. A film crew could move into the guesthouse to capture every minute of Kimye's inevitably short-term relationship.

Cheap Rent
Hey, it's a down economy. And two incomes are certainly better than one. If Kanye and Kim move in together, they can split all those household financial responsibilities, 50/50.

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There are 3 good reasons they should shack up - he's hung like an elephant and she's stretched like barn doors, their organs are as big as their mouths, and neither has a brain. Perfect for each other. 

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

 These Two Pieces Of Trash Belong Together

one smell like fish and the other is a gay fish

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