Louis Bar-Lounge Closing Tomorrow

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Courtesy of Opium Group
Hey, can we have Roman Jones' bust?
Party's over, folks.

Louis Bar-Lounge's reign at the Perry South Beach ends for good tomorrow. According to Vanessa Menkes, senior vice president of communications for Opium Group, Louis's closing is due to construction and redevelopment happening at the Perry.

"The hotel is being remodeled and Louis is in an area that will become the new lobby," Menkes says, adding that the Perry bought out Louis's lease in order to make room for the expansion.

We are currently trying to reach the Perry for comment.

We have to admit the closure isn't entirely surprising. Over the last few months, Louis wasn't exactly perched high atop the Miami Beach nightlife throne. The club hasn't been booking bigger acts on the regular like it used to. And even during Winter Music Conference, it hosted only a handful of parties.

That's not to say we won't miss it. Yes, it was on South Beach, but Louis was the perfect size for the Opium Group to book up-and-coming DJs and acts like Boys Noize and Kid Sister circa 2009.

You can say a final goodbye to the King tomorrow at Louis's closing party featuring DJs Irie, Damaged Goods, Konflikt, Frank Flux, and Damion Yancy. And with open bar all night, it will be easy to drown out your sorrows.

Photos from Louis Bar-Lounge:

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Louis Bar-Lounge - CLOSED

2325 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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Louis was the South Beach equivalent BBQ, bridge and tunnel crowd we so diligently avoided in NYC and for the exact same reasons. Thank god they still have Mokai, Mansion, Niki Beach and the newly opened hole in the wall, box with noise Bamboo....So when the douches at Mynt don't let the over perfumed off the rack Saturday night warriors in they can safely wall back on plan B.....provided the Eurotrash train-cab-setters of Vita are not competing on the prowl. Kudos to Opium for actually getting people to even walk down into that damp low ceiling moldy smelling potato cellar and turn over their cash.....fucken hilarious, and allow some double digit IQ douche of a doorman treat you like shit on the way down!!!!! Just kudos!!


This is what happens when your doorman are complete dicks.


^^^ @beserious lol yes! those guys are the biggest dicks for no absolute reason... good i hope those bums remain jobless

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