Did Michael Jackson Get Whitney Houston Hooked on Drugs? Meet the Other Suspects

Bobby Brown wants the world to know that he "wasn't the one [who] got Whitney on drugs."

Recently, Brown sat down with NBC's Matt Lauer for a candid interview which is set to air on tomorrow's Today Show. It will be the 43-year-old singer's first sit-down since ex-wife Whitney Houston was found dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in February.

"I'm not the reason she's gone," Brown says, alleging that Houston had discovered drugs "way before" their marriage. "I smoked weed, I drank the beer, but no, I wasn't the one [who] got Whitney on drugs at all."
So just who did get Whitney on drugs? Check out our list of suspects after the cut.

Dionne Warwick
Don't let this UN Global Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization trick you, she's a habitual pot smoker. And she just happens to be Whitney Houston's cousin.

The former Psychic Friends Network pitchwoman was pinched at Miami International Airport in 2002 with 11 spliffs. She took a plea bargain and avoided jail time, opting for a drug treatment program instead. "To this day, I am puzzled about exactly what happened at the Miami International Airport," she said in a statement.

Bullshit, Warwick! Long-term marijuana use may cause memory loss.

Are you to guilty of triggering Whitney's downward spiral? They say weed's a "gateway" drug....

How do you sleep at night?

Chaka Khan
Khan's big hair and even bigger cocaine addiction may have rubbed off on a young and impressionable Whitney Houston.

In the late '70s, the would-be diva provided back-up vocals on Khan's "I'm Every Woman" track. Houston was only 15 years old at the time.

Throughout the years, Houston and Khan became really good friends, even traveled together.

"There was one time, me and her and Bobby were all together in a hotel, it was actually in Florida as well," Khan recently told Piers Morgan. "And we were up there getting high together -- talking crazy and having a really, really, really good laughing, and a really, really good time,"

Cough, enabler, cough.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson often found love in the strangest places -- Lisa Marie Presley, children, a dermatology nurse. Recently, however, rumors surfaced about Jackson's relatively normal "fling" with Whitney Houston.

"They met because they were two of the biggest recording artists on the planet and mixing in the same circles," says Matt Fiddes, Jackson's friend and former British bodyguard. The year was 1991.

"Whitney practically moved in to Michael's ranch and they had a fling like any other young couple."

For Jackson, a fling typically meant climbing trees and playing hide-and-go-seek, but Fiddes claims it was very real.

"I also know this affair will end all the myths that Michael was some kind of child molester -- he was a straight man."

Sure, a straight man with an incredibly high tolerance for drugs. He spent the better party of two decades high on prescription painkillers until it finally killed him in 2010 2009.

Two years later, traces of prescription medication was found in Whitney Houston's lifeless body.

Did MJ get Whitney hooked on drugs? She must've been high while they were dating...

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Victor,   Your article is complete rubbish. Why don't you find something to write about that uplifting and truthful? That's the problem with the Internet, today. Anyone, can just post asinine drivel and feel as though they are Shakespeare, Hemingway, Agatha Christie, etc... I believe junk like this and the media hounding Michael day in and day out, relentlessly - finally caused his downfall.   

Nancy Jensen
Nancy Jensen

Sorry, I meant to say Priscilla Presley, also a beautiful woman!

Nancy Jensen
Nancy Jensen

Mr. Gonzalez,

Your article makes a shameful statement about the state of "journalism" today. Particularly the parts about Michael Jackson. First you state that Mr. Jackson "found love in the strangest places, including Lisa Marie Presley, children, and his dermatology nurse". As Ms. Presley, the daughter of Elvis and Patricia Presley, is an accomplished singer and a beautiful woman who could relate to MJ as she had a Dad with Mr. Jackson's level of fame, I wonder why you find this strange. Mr. Jackson was also a huge advocate for children, donating hundreds of millions of dollars to charities aiding ill and impoverished children. He loved them in an honest and innocent way. And WHAT exactly is strange about finding love with a beautiful blonde nurse?!!!

How do you know that Mr. Jackson spent 2 decades high on prescription drugs? Were you in the room with him for 20 years or are you relying on reports from media sources as unreliable as yourself?

Mr. Jackson did not not die from a prescription drug overdose-he died from the criminal negligence of Dr. Conrad Murray, who is currently serving jail time for this crime.

Also, you have stated the incorrect year of Michael Jackson's death-which has now beencorrected.

Perhaps you should do some research BEFORE you write and publish your article.

You say "Did MJ get Whitney hooked on drugs? She must've been high while they were dating...." If by this you mean to imply that Whitney would have to be high to want to date Michael Jackson, then you have just insulted millions of Michael Jackson fans the world overwho would jump at the chance to have dated this kind, generous, philanthropic, multi-talented man. Someone as biased as you should not be published. You are taking pot-shots at twowonderful people who are deceased and can no-longer defend themselves. This is not journalism, it is tabloid trash at its worst!


Michael didn't hook Whitney on drugs! The music industry did that! Just look at anyone involved in the music business from country to rhythm and blues, to this crap they call rap music and you will see that a good 95% are (or have been) hooked on something at one time or another! The handlers get them hooked at parties, and then keep them drugged so that they are more easily handled, and suggestable! They were both pawns in the Illuminati bid for money and power! It is terribly sad that they are both gone too soon!!

Can't Stand Your ASS
Can't Stand Your ASS

You stupid piece of shit! Get your facts straight! This article is useless.  Whitney is gone, let her rest in peace. And further more, Michael Jackson died in 2009 not 2010!  Any child who can use a computer could look that up!  Why does Whitney have to high to date Michael?  He was a very sexy man with thousands of women passing out at every concert to prove it and he was packing!  That why the ladies love the gold pants on the History tour because you can see everything.

When was the last time someone passed out over you, dumb ass?! I'll bet your thing is so small you have to use tweezers to take a piss!

a Loyal fan
a Loyal fan

You are ABSOLUTELY  right about the music industry!!!!!! How I hate to see these young talented people on American Idol getting into this quicksandI They will sell their souls to get into it.  How I miss Whitney!

Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez

Thanks for fact checking, Can't Stand Your ASS. MJ's correct death year has been updated. Can you believe it's been three years already?  

As for my "thing," you're referring to my dick, right? Just to want to be clear....

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