Rihanna Gets "Faded," Watches Strippers Simulate Cunnilingus, Makes It Rain

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Early this morning, Rihanna watched two women simulate cunnilingus. And according to the Barbadian superstar, her "daddy would be proud."

At 5:02 a.m., Ri-Ri tweeted a picture of herself at a New York City strip club holding a stack of dollar bills while making it rain on a couple of exotic dancers.

One of the strippers is pictured laying on her back and spreading her thick legs high in the air while her co-worker, crouching like a baseball catcher in heels, flicking her tongue just inches from the other's genitalia.


About an hour before hitting the strip club last night, Rihanna tweeted, "Best stress reliever = [strippers]." Admittedly, she was feeling a little tipsy.

"My nigga I'm faded," she said. "And I don't give a phuck!"

Yes, faded and possibly jet-lagged ... Ri-Ri had just returned from a week in Hawaii, arriving in New York City sometime around 11 a.m.

But whether it's her nipple rings, topless farm work in Ireland, or Internet porn habit, the 24-year-old pop star is incredibly comfortable in her own skin. And an early morning simulated sex show is just another NSFW way for Rihanna to remind us, "[I'm] still going to do what I want to do."

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get it- she doesn't give phuck, and neither do we!!

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