Rihanna Is Having Rick Ross's Baby

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Rihanna has no filter.

She'll tweet about her porn habits, rocksee-through shirts in New York City, and call her abusive ex-boyfriend a "bitch." Last night, however, the Barbadian songstress committed a major faux pas.

The 24-year-old singer announced that she and 36-year-old Rick Ross were going to have a baby, several in fact. The only problem ... She's not pregnant. And judging by Ross's facial expression, we're not sure he's entirely on board.

Wait until after the first trimester, RiRi!

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"We gonna have babies," Rihanna tweeted 'round midnight last night. Attached to her message, there was an Instagram photo of the two superstars embracing one another.

Sporting an elegant black-on-black suit and shirt combo, Ross has his arm around Rihanna's semi-bare back as the future mother-to-be digs her face into the Maybach Music honcho's beard.

"I'd pre-order that child's album before Blue Ivy's," quipped one of Rihanna's Instagram followers, referring to Jay-Z and Beyonce's newborn. And at least one person attached "#Bossdick" to their reply.

Ross, on the other hand, is keeping tightlipped.

He retweeted the big announcement shortly after Rihanna's initial message. But the Bawse has yet to officially comment on whether or not he'll be sticking a "Baby on Board" magnet to the Brink's truck.

Maybe we're reading too deep into the tweet...

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Yeah, you're reading into this shit too deep...

Xerox Hiring 300
Xerox Hiring 300

I think parents need to check if their kids are following Rihanna on her Twitter page.  It is laced with every type of debauchery known to mankind.  She is a terrible example for kids.


I agree, not for kids. The rhiana u see on tv is totally different from instagram. People stating they love her I don't care attitude, probably live with thier parents, and don't have a job lol. Don't live ur life like her....road to distruction ask MJ and Whitney. They died too young for living the rockstar life.


What? You obviously don't get it... She's ~kewl~ . She doesn't give a phuck! 

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