11 Dancing GIFs From South Beach's Memorial Weekend 2012

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Memorial Day weekend 2012 on South Beach was a big-ass block party. Lots of em' really.

Ocean Drive was all action. Collins and Washington had more Chevy's riding high than a Trick Daddy video. Every rapper from Two Chainz to Gucci Mane to Lil Wayne was on the island popping bottles by the truckload.

The sand and surf were full of tourists swimming with locals. And the atmosphere was chill, open, and friendly. Just check out Crossfade's 11 sexy dancing GIFs.

11. The Skirt Grab
Because you don't want everyone to see your whole ass when you're wearing that sexy skirt that shows your whole ass when you're dancing.

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Ben Alonzo
Ben Alonzo

where's the one with the zombie? 


This is seriously disgusting. I mean, just go through this slideshow. I was only able to make to page 5. Ughhhh.

Count L.F. Chudzikiewicz herb.
Count L.F. Chudzikiewicz herb.

South Beach has been boredom village for move a decade now. Just north of the Piazza Venezia in Rome as you walk to the via Nazionale,  there is a bar that around midnight lets the patrons dance; give me an Australian girl of Arabian or Greek ancestry, disco music of any era including Floridan Jake Owens stuff, and the bartender's girlfriend pouring the drinks, and you are in Heaven compared to the slimey Beach.

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