South Florida EDM Fair Celebrates Local Talent at The Awarehouse on June 8 and 9

Experience Exzakt at the South Florida EDM Fair.
There's no question that Miami is a bustling electronic dance music hub. We've got the three-headed beast of Winter Music Conference, Miami Music Week, and Ultra Music Festival each year, plus a club scene that never sleeps. But let's face it, the vast majority of artists headlining all these parties are from out of town. So what about our own homegrown talent?

Mike Hecked of Miami DJ duo MonStars On Broadway thinks it's about damn time we gave our locals some love and an opportunity to shine. That's why he's partnered up with Brian Perez of the Spirit of Sound Gathering to launch the first South Florida EDM Fair at The Awarehouse in Wynwood during the second weekend of June.

"I see festivals like Ultra Music Festival and feel like the locals should all have their chance to be a part of one huge festival for our local music scene," Hecked tells Crossfade. "I feel like the South Florida EDM scene is still growing. A lot of people are throwing events, so it can be a little scattered at times. But for this event, we teamed up with as many companies in Florida that wanted to be a part of something special -- almost everyone is onboard."

South Florida EDM Fair Headliners
-Influence of XTA-C
-Mindchime with Dolce
-Cybernetik R3volt
-Dan Pol
-Brian Perez
-Monstars on Broadway
-The House Cartel
-DJ Soular
-Sour Diesel
-Jenn Martinello
-DJ Tripp
-Trave de Démo
-Shavaun Gordon
-The Raven
-DJ Legend
-Ignition & Rooks
-Phoenix Jagger
-Audio Assault
-Nancy Starr
-DJ Friday
-DJ Rekone
-La Trice
-DJ Anywhere
-DJ Shy
-DJ Light the Dutch
-DJ Props with Phil Ade
-Steve Fame
-Jerry Rauth
-DJ Bliszteck
-Greg Logvinsky
-Edgar L
-DJ Mean Green
-DJ Trujillo
-DJ Karma
-All Dey
-Dr. Filth
-Da Joker
-DJ Wonka
-Docta Seizure
-DJLegen & Birdy
-Big Na$ty
-DJ Munkey

And with over 300 South Floridian DJs and performers on the lineup, our local talent will be fully represented without falling short of the stylistic variety at festivals like Ultra. "There is absolutely no genre discrimination at this event," Hecked explains. "It is mainly electronic music -- house, electro, breaks, drum 'n' bass, dubstep, hardstyle, etc. But we have a few acts that are outer-genre, and will accept any forms of music."

Of course, what would our local EDM scene be without the fans? "The South Florida EDM Fair is not just about amazing electronic music," Hecked says. "It's also about the amazing people who come out to celebrate their love for this music."

South Florida EDM Fair. Friday, June 8, and Saturday, June 9. Awarehouse, 550 NW 29th St., Wynwood. The music starts at 1 p.m. and tickets cost $40 to $180 plus fees via All ages. Call 305-576-4004 or visit


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The Awarehouse

550 NW 29th St., Miami, FL

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How funny that this event is getting slammed for promoting "drug use" amongst youngsters.  Wasn't it Madonna who was asking about Molly being in the house at Ultra?  I will have respect for her again when I hear her encouraging her own kids to see Molly.  As for this event, I have yet to hear anyone promoting illegal recreation.


Don't understand all the negative comments below. This is going to be a Massive event with a great lineup...and a really good price!!!


I agree with everyone else.. This fair is ridiculous... They say almost everyone is onboard, well not the artists that are actually good..  Out of that whole line up, there are maybe 2 dj's that have any talent. The rest are bedroom wanna be dj's that cant even use a sync button.  How is it that someone like Mike Hecked, notorious for not paying his talent, and throwing parties where kids DIE from lack of knowledge about the drugs that are at these all ages events can get this kind of attention.  EDM is UNDERGROUND, and does not belong in a newspaper blog. This party is a JOKE and only little druggie raver kids will be attending.  Get ready for mad undercovers, and drug busts.  Bringing attention to the scene in this negative way is no good for anyone.  These events similar to Club Cinema and others like it are a disgrace to the actual scene that is alive an thrives in the south florida area.  Way to bring attention to the negative side of the EDM industry.  You all should be ashamed of yourself.    


I was all for it til I saw it was ALL ages .. -____- sorry but I don't wanna pay to be around a whole bunch of underage kids rollingface and mostly likely being stupid... Ijs that's just my opinion on this.

squirrel squirrel squirrel
squirrel squirrel squirrel

Okay I'm all for an independent event trying to gain exposure for independent artists. Great. But a bill of a ton of artists no one has ever heard of charging $40+ for admission? Welcome to a grand money-losing good time. I wish these people the best of luck, really. But this does not bode well.

Tribal Troll
Tribal Troll

Jenn Martinello is playing this one? Haha Isnt she like the 9 time winner of the North Fl pole dance competition. Wow booking washed up trance DJ's/pornstars from 2000 and late. Sooo not WINNING!!!


Ultra is All Ages...Just Saying!!!!



The prices are too high for little kids. Usually those ind don't have a job or any source of income so you need not worry about them being there. $60 for a ticket plus gas money plus drug funds will be hard for the age group your talking about. And thankfuly so, because I hate them haha


its only $40 ive paid 200 for a steve aoki ticket? and finding artist that you've never heard is mad fun cause its always a surprise guess your jus not into edm like dat


You never heard of them because your obviously not a part of the edm scene in south florida. If you were a part of it or cared about it at all, you wouldn't mind spending some money to make sure it keeps growing.


 You have one good dated headliner from "Back In The Day"  and 299 bedroom Spammer Jockies. If you are in to shitty dubstep and commercial electro house go for it. If you listen to some of these clowns Soundclouds you will know what I am talking about. You would have to be a moron to attend this "Rave Gathering". Your money would be better spent saving up for a real event. @ Dozier"You never heard of them because your obviously not a part of the edm scene in south florida." Dozier you obviously have piss poor taste in music and most likely are the one hosting the event. There is going to be middle school kids running around in their underwear. Isn't Brian Perez a promoter, he cant DJ for shit what is this "Scene" coming to? If you cant do a job right stop what you are doing and make room for PROFESSIONALS who can. Less than a handful of these amateurs aren't even on Beatport. This would be better off as a free park party. I mean what are you paying for a bunch of shoes rolling around in a dryer two days straight and 13 year olds wacked out of their mind? Sorry I think I'll pass.


And ultra was over 300 bucks. I'm pretty sure presale tix for this are 20 dollars. 20 bucks and underground. That's my kind of massive.


 Local Talent hahaha Biggest laugh I got all day talk about an oxymoron.

Javier Rodriquez
Javier Rodriquez

 I have to agree with Squirrel this lineup looks horrific. I cant believe the city of Miami would even allow this. Like REALLY? The Awarehouse is a nice space. A bunch of 8up etarded children running around without the proper security and promoters who call them selves DJ's wrecking and killing any good vibe there was a chance of having. Half of them had to promote their asses off on Facebook just to get a 30 min time slot. I mean how pathetic is that and what quality of performers can we expect for that. This sounds like a huge scam to robs 6 graders of their lunch money. My kid just got an invite on her FB she is 12 years old for Christ's sake. Are you kidding me?


agreed!!! $40 is only $20 per day...THAT'S NOTHING!!!... If it is, you need another job <33

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