YMCMB Movie: Five Rules for Joining Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Birdman's Rich Gang

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Join the YMCMB Rich Gang with Weezy F. Baby, Nicki the Ninja, and Mr. Williams.
The Young Money Cash Money Billionaires run every kind of racket. They got the rap game on lock. They got those drank endorsements. They even got that fashion shit.

And now they're making movies. In a recent interview with XXL, Birdman confessed there's a blockbuster in the works starring the whole flippin' YMBMC team. It's called Rich Gang, obviously.

So what does it take to hang with the Young Money Cash Money Billionaires? Just live by these five simple rules and you could join the crew. Or at least score a cameo.

5. Get Money
The first rule of YMCMB is obvious: Get Fucking Money. It doesn't matter what it takes 'cause the hustle never stops. Whether you're writing raps, signing artists, or endorsing Pepsi products, you've gotta stack them dollars higher than you can stand. And of course, the point of stacks is blowing them all over naked bitches. So make sure you stunt as hard as you save.

4. Get High
Besides making it rain, money is for getting turnt up. The members of YMCMB admit regularly that they smoke weed, drink Patron, pop pills, and fuck with that white girl Molly. Judging by their strange lyrical content and mind-bending visual aesthetic, we assume they take trips too. This crew is so dedicated to getting twisted that they go so far as to develop addictions to drinking cough syrup. That's what it takes.

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i like this niggas very much.


i want to updated of every information about ymcmb cos i love them so much

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