Action Bronson Pulls His Dick Out: The Perfect Panty-Dropping Meal

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See also "Action Bronson Curious About Eating Transsexual Penis and Yak Dicks."

Get Action Bronson in the kitchen and there's no woman alive who can resist him in the bedroom.

The rapper and chef tells Crossfade, "They might not like chubby guys. They might not be chubby chasers. But I could probably make a meal to fuck, one time. Just once at least. Like, 'Yo, I'm going to make this, I'm going to fuck you after and we never have to fuck again, just whatever."

But what if you're not a bad-ass rap hero? After the cut, Action Bronson gives you his surefire recipe for seduction ... The Perfect Panty-Dropping Meal. Serves one, sometimes two.

"I like to start with a little bit of cheese. I don't know, I like cheese. You know, start with a little bit of Parmesan cheese. A nice Parmigiano-Reggiano.

"Some some candied walnuts with a little bit of kick to them, you know? A little bit of quince paste, a little 'ungh' on the side, get a little taste of that.

"Then oysters. We're going to follow it up with oysters. Then I'm just going to pull my dick out after that, in the middle of the meal."

Of course, these days, Action doesn't need to cook to get women. Before killing it at Bardot last night, instead of slaving over the stove, he was "Jet Ski-ing all day and laying by the pool with beautiful girls."

That life can be yours too. But it's a journey that all begins with Action Bronson's dick.

Make sure to check out Action Bronson's sick-ass mixtapes and albums, including his upcoming collaboration with The Alchemist called Rare Chandeliers.

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what a waste of one minute of my life bothering to watch bronson "brunch'"

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