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Best Dance Club
Fontainebleau Miami Beach
4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach

For decades, the Fontainebleau had been regarded as the granddaddy of all luxury resorts in Miami Beach; by the '90s, it had lost a bit of its luster. But it's funny what a multibillion-dollar renovation can do. After a complete overhaul in 2009, the hotel reopened with a more youthful vibe, including a megaclub far away from South Beach. The legendary Tropigala, which had turned into a horrible, campy version of its former self toward its end, was replaced by LIV -- which is the roman numeral for 54, the year the hotel opened. Locals and visitors seemed to fall instantly in love with the venue, proving you don't have to be located on Washington Avenue to be successful. The pantheonic dome remained, but it received a lighting face-lift that gives the illusion the room is moving. For VIPs, there are boxes overlooking the main floor, which is packed with couches and tables, as well as bottles outfitted with sparklers. And this being Miami Beach, and the Fontainebleau in particular, expect high admission prices, a hassle at the door, and a big drink bill at the end of the night -- if you aren't of the fairer sex. That being said, you can't say you've experienced Miami nightlife if you haven't visited LIV. From Paul Oakenfold to Calvin Harris to Tiësto and other big live acts, thanks to LIV, your granddaddy's hotel is looking pretty hip these days.

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4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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People who go to LIV don't care about cutting-edge dance music. They want to hear the same Rihanna, Afrojack, and LMFAO songs that are on the radio 20 times a day.

Sean Levisman
Sean Levisman

It's a shame that the people of Miami would vote this place the Best Dance Club. It goes to show where Miamian's heads are... they are so obsessed with luxury and VIP culture that they support a place where you hear lousy commercial music, get robbed blind with admission and drink prices and the clientele is less interested in mingling and socializing than they are about getting into the VIP room and star-fucking. There are other venues in Miami that offer inclusive friendly environments where you can make friends and listen to amazing cutting-edge dance music without paying a month's worth of rent and going home feeling soul-crushed and used at the end of the night.

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