Chris Brown Drops Drake Diss Track: "You a Pussy Nigga"

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It's been a fortnight, motherfucker.

But Chris Brown and Drake still be beefing. Even though Lil Wayne and Birdman asked very nicely that both parties squash that shit.

On June 14, Breezy and Drizzy got into a bottle-throwing fight, allegedly sparked by a dispute over Barbadian pop star Rihanna. And then earlier today, the feud escalated when Brown dropped a diss track aimed at Drake, calling him "a pussy nigga."

The song is a remix of Chief Keef's "I Don't Like" that also calls attention to Drake's out-of-control brow hair as Brown raps, "Them eyebrows? Man, them shits is yikes."

Uhh ... Bottle-throwing? Poppy posturing? Manscaping? Compared to the gangsta rap wars of the '90s, this is a trip to the Romper Room with a couple of a bitch-slappin' chumps.

Or as New Times columnist Pepe Billete says:

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Does this help or hurt Chris Brown's image?


New Times is just looking for an excuse to print the N word full out. Not. Cool.

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