Ten Signs of the Dubpocalypse! From Bieber and Muse to Dubstep Cereal Commercials

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Once upon a time, like back in 2008, that was a word almost no one in the United States knew existed. Now it's superdivisive and no can escape it.

Whether you love dubstep or hate it, claim to only listen to "real" dubstep, or are a total brostep fanboy, the genre has become a monster that none of us can stop. Everywhere you look, some other asshole is getting his wobble on.

Is the end upon us? Well, when you're living in the end times, it's hard to tell where you stand without a good map. So here are ten signs of the Dubpocalypse. Nobody gets out alive.


10. Justin Bieber Is Doing Dubstep
Everybody remember where they were when they first heard about Justep. Unless you didn't. And then that's now. But yes, Justin Bieber admitted he's experimenting with the totally-hip-and-edgy sound on his upcoming album, Believe, due to be released on June 19. So far it just sounds all tragic and swaggy, but soon we'll know how Bieber drops the bass.

9. Muse Is Doing Dubstep
Muse has always come off as a rather artistic, original, and authentic group of rock 'n' rollers. Their heavily dystopian, post-Radiohead brand of melodic metal usually comes with a fresh angle. Or at least a crazy-good light show. But now they too have hopped aboard the dubstep gravy-train.

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Isn't it a bit hypocritical to say "dubstep ruined everyone's taste" when obviously you have ads on this site which promote said genre? I think that's bad business and you need a talking to by your manager.


yea this article is pretty depressing.....and that cereal commercial is pretty RIDDICK


Dubstep is awful because of the fans it attracts, real dubheads are still out there, and u can find em some months when the Get Low crew decide to bring a good dj/producer to their club 

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