Ten Signs of the Dubpocalypse! From Bieber and Muse to Dubstep Cereal Commercials

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8. You Can Draw Dubstep
You know Draw Something? That game you used to play incessantly but haven't looked at in months? In case you never played, it's a touch-screen game in which players draw anything from basic stick figures to grand portraits in order to get their partner to guess a commonly known and understood person, place, or concept. And in this pool of common-place terms, the words "Skrillex" and "dubstep" came up much more than anyone could've imagined.

7. Spin Magazine Named Skrillex the 100th Greatest Guitarist Ever
Sonny Moore is not a guitar player. And yet Spin listed him among the all-time greatest guitar players. Before he was Skrillex, he was the singer in the hardcore scream band From First To Last. But the mag doesn't even claim that period of Moore's career as part of the basis for his selection. Mostly, it comes down to the fact that a million metal dudes with guitars have covered Skrillex tracks on YouTube. If such a lofty and bold statement can be made with authority, the end must be near.

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Isn't it a bit hypocritical to say "dubstep ruined everyone's taste" when obviously you have ads on this site which promote said genre? I think that's bad business and you need a talking to by your manager.


yea this article is pretty depressing.....and that cereal commercial is pretty RIDDICK


Dubstep is awful because of the fans it attracts, real dubheads are still out there, and u can find em some months when the Get Low crew decide to bring a good dj/producer to their club 

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