EDC 2012: Calvin Harris Plays CDs of Himself Singing

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...But at least they're not the ones singing on their own tracks. (They collaborate with guest vocalists.) They have some excuse for why the music isn't being performed, or at least aided, by live vocals.

But all Calvin Harris needed was a microphone.

If dance culture -- and not just the outsiders here, but organizers of EDC, DJ agents, and labels -- continues to pursue this greatest-hits style of pop-star DJing, we're going to lose a generation of kids who should be experiencing the journey and eclecticism of DJ culture.

It cheapens the music. Remember 1979? Dolly Parton did disco -- along with everyone else. This time the gatekeepers should keep it real. Put real DJs on the decks. Let pop stars perform with microphones and bands. Yeah?

Dennis Romero is a staff writer for LA Weekly and is covering Electric Daisy Carnival 2012 for Village Voice Media. [@dennisjromero / djromero@laweekly.com]

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Dance music has always been horribly under/misrepresented in the mainstream, leading to mass ignorance and watering down of its long history and diverse culture. Kids today grow up believing Daft Punk created house music and Skrillex created dubstep (many others still just call everything "techno"). The epitome of the "EDM" experience is to wear the sluttiest, tackiest candy raver outfit imaginable and roll your face off while being blasted with shrill, soulless, fist-pumping electro-noise at a corporate-sponsored festival or arena-sized megaclub. I endured my share of diva house and anthem trance on the radio in the 90s, but the rate at which the music and fans have been commercially exploited just these past few years is absolutely sickening. It won't be too long before the next crappy trend arrives and this one finally implodes under its own bloated weight.

monkey brain
monkey brain

put real dj on the decks???    whats a "real " dj ??? please explain .. why should there be some kind of divide on pop ,dance music ,rock etc ... ? an artist expresses his music the way they want ... end of story .


I disagree with this article in the sense that Calvin Harris did not blow up big as DJ or a singer, but rather a PRODUCER/remixer who started to experiment and sing on his own tracks.

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