Internet Trolls Try to Exile Pitbull to a Walmart on "the Frozen Alaskan Island of Kodiak"

See also "#KeepPitbull305 Fails to Save Mr. Worldwide From #ExilePitbull Trolls and Kodiak, Alaska."

We know he's straight off la esquina. So Dat Lil' Chico could crash on Crossfade's couch any day of the motherfucking week.

But apparently, the rest of the country doesn't exactly feel that way. Because right now, there is a viral Internet campaign being waged to #ExilePitbull to a Walmart on "the Frozen Alaskan Island of Kodiak."

On June 20, "Energy Sheets® joined forces with Walmart and Pitbull to launch a local Facebook page contest among local Walmart stores, to offer customers the chance to win a visit by Mr. Worldwide."

And the trolls at spied a shot to get rid of Pit.


Inciting the webby masses to action,'s David Thorpe tweeted:

So far, the Walmart store in Kodiak has amassed "25, 178 likes." And for the record, according to Bastion 72, the place is "not a regular sized Walmart, it's about half the size and sells all sorts of strange stuff. Bear repellant, snow shoes, hunting gear etc."

To which Pitbull el pinche cabrón replies:

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That's what happens when, YOUR CONSTANTLY SELLING OUT.


yeah these arent trolls, more like people who hate bad music. but i guess that just makes you an asshole now.

Santino Corleone
Santino Corleone

I haven't been to SA in years, but this is pretty amusing nonetheless. Send that sellout crotchsniffer as far away as possible.

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