Jon Bon Jovi to Make Solo Debut at Seminole Hard Rock Live on July 26

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The looming threat of Texas seceding from the rest of America lingers like a fat man's fart in an elevator.

"We've got a great union," Texas Governor and resident lunatic Rick Perry said in a 2009 speech. "There's absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, who knows what may come of that."

But while it'd be sad to see the Lone Star State go, it wouldn't be nearly as detrimental as New Jersey breaking off and becoming a sovereign state. If that were to happen, the country would lose several acres of asparagus, the butt of countless jokes, and Jon Bon Jovi's elegantly feathered hairdo.

And quite frankly, a life without any of those things isn't worth living.

Few men are as comfortable in a hair salon as Bon Jovi. Born John Francis Bongiovi, Jr., his locks are as iconic as Farrah Fawcett's, barely changed since the 1980s when his arena rock group ruled the American radio airwaves.

Thanks to good looks and America's collective love of mediocre pop-rock, Bongiovi's managed to stay relevant in an ever-changing musical landscape. But after years of fronting one of New Jersey's most recognizable groups, Jon is finally making his solo debut with a nationwide tour this summer.

Is this the end of Bon Jovi the band? Do Jon and Jersey plan to secede from the Union? Probably not. But find out at Hard Rock Live next month.

Jon Bon Jovi with The Kings of Suburbia. Thursday, July 26. Hard Rock Live, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $100 to $300 plus fees via Call 954-797-5531 or visit

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This article makes no sense. jersey..salons.. blah. Jons father was a barber. Not getting his hair cut was just a normal teenager pushing boundaries with his father. Later in the 80's he had his hair long, but so did everyone else. He cut it in the mid 90s when he began acting. Now his hair is a respectful length for his age and not feathered. He has sold over 120 million albums which I do not think is the definition of mediocrity. The most recent album from the circle tour, had very thoughtful lyrics about politics, our country, family, and our lives. I would wager a bet that any show he does will sell out faster than any band the author of this article may like. Besides his music, he is an incredibly generous philanthropist. I named my first child Jovi, so please do not be disrespectful to a (super) man who has accomplished more than you ever will...Mr. online 500 word "author".

Fernanda Gr
Fernanda Gr

This "article" is a perfect example of MEDIOCRITY. But I'll give you credit for being successful on putting together so many stupid comments and inaccurate information in one article. The end of Bon Jovi as a band? They are working on a new album at this moment.  FYI Jon Bon Jovi has performed with this musicians (The Kings of Suburbia) many times already, this is not new. If you were smart enough to inform yourself about Mr. Bongiovi not only on the musical aspect of his life but also on his amazing philanthropic labor you would be less interested on his hairdo and you wouldn't be talking so much nonsense.Do yourself a favor and do your "homework" before posting something like this. I'm embarrassed for you.

Taty Jovi
Taty Jovi

If you consider one of the most successful Rock Band in history mediocre maybe some one else should be writing this article. If you have an issue with what America likes maybe you should be living somewhere else. Managing to stay relevant does not always include a love of some of today's music . Honestly only good looks??? to fill Arenas for almost 30 years and sell more than 120 million albums you need more than good looks my friend . Have a Nice Day and Keep the Faith!!!!!!!

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