Did Kanye West Tweet a Naked Picture of Kim Kardashian or Porn Star Amia Miley? UPDATE

UPDATE The mystery woman's true identity has been revealed. See the cut to find out who the naked brunette's name.

Kanye West "can't wait to see [Kim Kardashian] carrying his child," according to US Weekly's source. "He says she will look beautiful pregnant." But until that happens, West will have to settle for Kardashian's pre-pregnancy body.

Last night, Yeezy tweeted -- and subsequently deleted -- a picture of a naked brunette sitting in his Manchester, England hotel room and suggestively eating what appears to be a banana.

The twittersphere all but collectively agreed that the bare back, side boob, and butt dimples belong to Kardashian. However, porn star Amia Miley suggests that she's the nude woman in Kayne's suite.


"[I'm] not going [to] argue about whether that pic is me or not.. want proof?" Miley tweeted. "Look at the back dimple piercings [sic] kim k doesn't have those."

According to an unnamed source, Media Takeout reports that Kardashian's "furious" over the picture and "may be ready to break up" with Yeezy. However, Kardashian and West have stayed tight-lipped about the photo thus far.

Miley, on the other hand, stands by her claim, going as far as tweeting a picture of her ass to prove her point.

Screen shot 2012-06-13 at 9.05.26 AM.png
You've seen both pictures; tell us what you think. Who's the naked woman in Kanye's room? Take our poll.

UPDATE According to Gawker, Amia Miley is in fact the woman in the picture. However, the photo's a year old and Kayne had nothing to do with it.

Plus, TMZ adds, "We're told it's all part of #WanksterWednesday -- a prank day where people try to get bogus rumors started."

In other words, we've all fallen victim to an evil Internet troll.

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what wrong with the black man?


Having had sex with both of those women, I can confirm the girl in the picture is Amia. Kanye could never touch that, and I hate to say but any porn star outclasses the Kardashians by a mile. Kim just has clothes that fit the fat in generally the right places but she does not loon good naked.

Jn Brown
Jn Brown

one big butt skank or the other.  does it matter to anyone but porn hos


What a moronic thing to do an article on. Kanye should grow the fuck up too and quit trying so damn hard to get people to think he's cool. Most celebrities honestly should not have the recognition they receive, especially when making toilet music.


Not only the dimples but that side boob is way too small to be KK's fake gozongas

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