Madonna Flashes Nipple in Turkey and Makes Creepy Old Lady Face (NSFW)

Madonna really ripped the tits off Turkey last week. She also showed 'em.

During "Human Nature," the 53-year-old pop star teased the crowd with flirty eyes and exhibitionism, publicly tweaking her nipple on stage and intentionally exposing her right breast for about two seconds.

While it may have been sexy in the early '90s, it's quite possibly the most disturbing thing Madonna's done this millennium. And it's not so much the exposure, but her creepy, highly sexualized old lady face.

Check out a complete breakdown of the NSFW pictures after the cut.


The Tweak
Madonna's clearly turned on. Either that, or she's really good at faking it. Whatever the case, some lucky Turk's having the eye-fuck of his (or her) life in front of a sold-out crowd in Istanbul.


The Nipple
Whoa! No one was expecting to see nipple. Well, maybe a wardrobe malfunction nip-slip, but definitely not a voluntary nipple. At 53 years old, Madge sure is comfortable with her body.


The Face
Things just got awkward. That's the same face your mother makes after dropping a sexual entendre at the dinner table. It's a subtle, uncomfortable reminder that your parents still have sex. And for Madonna, it's an uncomfortable reminder that she's the same girl from the Sex book. Only much, much older.

Madonna. Monday, November 19, and Tuesday, November 20. American Airlines Arena, 601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $48 to $386.50 via Call 786-777-1000 or visit

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I agree, maybe he's gay! I would totally bang her, she looks great for her age! MILF!!!

Mike Killmon
Mike Killmon

she looks f-ing hot. this writer is an ass.


she is needing attention.

Johnny Demonic
Johnny Demonic

quick, download the video, youtube will soon violate it for TOS violation


Madonna. Monday, November 19, and Tuesday, November 20. American Airlines Arena,

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