Miami Heat Celebrate NBA Championship at LIV, Pop $75,000 Bottles of Champagne, "Party Rock" with LMFAO (Videos)

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Heat celebrating NBA Championship at LIV.
For the Miami Heat, failure was not an option last night.

And not because taking the title would've proved that much more difficult in Oklahoma City, but because the post-victory celebration would've likely gone down at an Applebee's and ended at midnight.

Instead, the Heat closed the series out at home and LeBron was crowned NBA Finals MVP. To celebrate, the team headed over to LIV and dropped mad loot, popping $75,000 bottles of champagne till 6 a.m. like they'd just won a championship and silenced the haters.

Oh yeah, they did win a championship and silenced the haters.

Check out video of the Heat's celebration after the cut.

Rocking a "Team No Sleep" t-shirt and his NBA Champions hat, Dwyane Wade grabbed the mike and rapped a few bars of "Niggas in Paris," the Heat's playoff intro song.

LeBron James also showed off his rap skills, spitting a few verses of 2 Chainz's "Riot."

"I eat your girl up for breakfast/Won't save you no extra," 'Bron rapped as LMFAO backed his vocals from another stage. "Say she fucking with me/'Cause a real nigga's her preference."

Meanwhile, Shane Battier tweeted a video of the celebration, using Social Cam.

"This is what a championship celebration looks like," Battier narrates. "It's pretty swwwwwweeeeeetttttt!"

Yeah, bro, it really is.

Go Heat.

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What a racist group of players. "a real nigga's her preference" really? "Niggas in Paris," the Heat's playoff intro song. " what a great anthem... These are people we look up to and kids consider role models?

every real Heat fan
every real Heat fan

Liv, the club that merely one year ago welcomed the Mavericks to party it up after beating us. FUCK Liv. and Trick Daddy or Uncle Luke should have played instead those twats in LMFAO


$75,000 bottles of champagne? Name that brand Mr. Gonzalez. Sounds like the reported was smoking $5 rocks of crack. 


this article sucks


that video is so silly

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