Six Shitty Music-Inspired Video Games, From Miley Cyrus to Motley Crue and 'N Sync

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Pitchfork just launched its newest project, Soundplay, and it's pretty awesome.

A team effort with video game and culture mag Kill Screen, Soundplay is a series of beautiful and enigmatic online games based on the music of M83, Cut Copy, Matthew Dear, and others. They've done a wonderful job of matching the music with the images on screen, as well worked lyrics into the actual plot of gameplay.

Kudos to Pitchfork and Kill Screen for getting music games right. But this is the first real win in a long line of awful pop music gaming mishaps.

Check out these six shittiest of video game fails.

6. Hannah Montana DS
Is your child totally obsessed with the inane antics of part-time pop star, part-time teenager Miley Cyrus? Well, now your child can play at being Hannah Montana, even while pooping! This game would be way cooler if it included salvia trips and penis cake.

5. Lady Gaga Tap Tap Revenge
Since dumb people with smart phones like tapping screens ad nauseum (and because Lady Gaga's little monsters will pay anything to support their mother's designer shoe habit), this video game exists. For just $4.99, you too can take 12 of Gaga's greatest hits, smash your thumbs, and pretend you're not a commercial whore conned by idol worship.

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