SpaceGhostPurrp on Releasing Mysterious Phonk LP and "Fightin' Fake Motherf$&#ers"

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez
SpaceGhostPurrp, AKA "Tha Black God."
See SpaceGhostPurrp's win for Best Solo Artist in Miami New Times' Best of Miami 2012.

Shrouded in all-black swag, SpaceGhostPurrp can be a seriously mysterious dude. And from the very moment he began haunting the Internet's music blogs in the late winter of 2011, this enigmatically spooky Miami rapper has been carefully cultivating a cryptic mystique.

His rhymes sound like the sudden verbal outbursts of a psychedelic street hustler on synthetic THC. His Twitter posts and Facebook status updates are routinely rendered in a semisecret language that substitutes letters and numbers for geometric shapes and arcane symbols. His official biography is a mystical maze of mixed messages, twisted fiction, and hard fact.

At the peak of this myth-making, there were even some skeptics who suspected that SpaceGhostPurrp didn't exist outside the digital realm.

But over the past few months, the man behind spectral mixtapes such as NASA and Blvcklvnd Rvdix 66.6 has slowly started to reveal himself. And here are some of the verifiable details: (1) He is 21 years old; (2) he hails from Carol City; (3) he is the founder and figurehead of a shadowy organization known as the Raider Klan; (4) he recently signed a record deal with revered British indie label 4AD; and (5) he will drop his debut full-length slab, Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp, on June 12.

SGP's Mysterious Phonk: The Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp Tracklist

1. "Mystikal Maze" 2. "Bringing the Phonk"
3. "Osiris of the East"
4. "Suck a Dick 2012"
5. "Get Yah Head Bust"
6. "Been Fweago"
7. "Grind on Me"
8. "Tha Black God"
9. "No Evidence" *
10. "Paranoid"
11. "Danger"
12. "Elevate" *
13. "Don't Give a Damn"
14. "Raider Prayer" *

*Previously unavailable

Hoping to deepen our understanding of SGP, Crossfade sought 60 minutes of face time with this self-described "underrated rapper from the '90s" who wasn't even born till 1991. And after a dizzying series of emails, phone calls, and texts, we finally arranged a meet with Purrp and his crew at a Pembroke Pines park where the rapper can often be found "enjoyin' the wind, lovin' life, just chillin'."

"This is a peaceful area. I always take my girls here, ya feel me. We come after dark. And that's the infamous bench over there," Purrp smirks, pointing at a large green picnic table with a romantic view of a manmade canal. "When the ducks see me and my ladies comin', they run away," he snickers.

Back in the day, circa 2010-11, the Ghost spent his long days, late nights, and spare hours wandering around Carol City, making beats in his bedroom, and kicking it with homies, a "couple chicks," and a few 40-ouncers of "Heineken, Budweiser, Corona." But lately he's either been road-tripping for out-of-town gigs, keeping it low-profile in Pembroke, or drifting around Dade County like some kinda swagged-out nomad. "My mom stay out here in the Pines now," he explains. "So I'm visitin' my mama. But I still be in Miami most of the time. Or I be in my neighborhood. You know, I'm in the city, seein' people, doin' things, gettin' work done."

"I'm leaving Friday, though," he adds. " 'Cause I gotta go to London." It's the beginning of a transcontinental trek that's part of his promotional push for Mysterious Phonk, a 14-track album packed with reworked mixtape tracks such as "Tha Black God" and "Suck a Dick 2012" as well as new cuts like "No Evidence" and "Raider Prayer."

Over a period of two weeks, the Ghost and his gang will wild out with crowds in England, France, and Amsterdam. "This is gonna be my first time in Europe. I never did much travelin'. And I can't wait to get out there," he says, nodding. "I got a lot of fans in London. And my peeps at 4AD wanted me to go show them love. So that's what I'm gonna do."

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