SpaceGhostPurrp on Releasing Mysterious Phonk LP and "Fightin' Fake Motherf$&#ers"

And another force for realness in his war against "lying fucking fakes" is Raider Klan, that aforementioned shadowy organization over which Purrp reigns like a benevolent black god. "It's basically a bunch of young kids that has unique talent," he explains. "We been through a lot of shit. We taken trips to hell and back. And we comin' together as rebels dressed in all black to make a difference in the game, get that real shit goin', and fight to keep fake motherfuckers out the circle."

Raider membership is mostly limited to family, friends, and musicians in Miami, because this "fucked-up city" breeds the darkness that binds the clan. "Miami is evil, man. It's hell," Purrp explains. "And people don't know. They see South Beach, palm trees, and shit. But that's not the real city. People don't know the dark side of this place.

"I got lucky 'cause my mom moved out when she got her money right. But I know if I was still in Carol City all the time, I'd be fucked up right now."

And this sense of doom isn't just some vague interpretation of atmospheric omens. It's straight out of Purrp's own personal experience. He's witnessed poverty, crime, death. "Everything I seen growing up, the things I been through in my life, mentally and emotionally, I put it all in my music.

"You know, me and my brother started Raider Klan," he says, tapping his chest in remembrance of his late best friend and surrogate sibling, Ladarius "Y.M.F. Jitt" Frazer, a 17-year-old aspiring rapper murdered during a dice game at Miami Gardens' Carol City Park on March 13, 2010. "We was runnin' around with the concept before he passed away. We had a vision. We had a dream. But he just ended up on the wrong path... It woulda been five years since we started this thing."

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez

The sun dips below the horizon, black clouds clog the darkening sky, and the Ghost slips into silence for a few seconds. "But this shit is for life, man. We a fuckin' clan. And anybody got a fuckin' problem, they get their head fucked up. For real," he boasts. "We come in peace. We don't start shit. But we family. And we ready to ride for each other 'cause we been through too much.

"This is about realness. I wanna show the people that I am what I rap about," Purrp intones with eerie intensity. "I am Raider Klan. I am 'Tha Black God.' I am black. I am God. I am God's son. This is not a gimmick. This is who I am. This is SpaceGhostPurrp."

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Terrence Sturrup
Terrence Sturrup

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