Floor, Dropdead, Noothgrush, and More Moshing at 305 Fest's Day Two in Miami

Photo by Ronnie Riviera
See Crossfade's review of 305 Fest's Day One -- plus interviews with Speedfreak Presents, Merchandise, Torche, Noothgrush, and Dropdead.

305 Fest 2012, Day Two
With Floor, Dropdead, Noothgrush, Post-Teens, Rose Cross, Failure Face, and others
Churchill's Pub, Miami
Saturday, July 7, 2012

Better Than: Day Two of 305 Fest 2005.

As we file this report, we find ourselves bruised, deaf, and stanky. Not to mention (even) deaf(er) (than we were before) from two straight (fucking) days of continuous punk rock madness.

Our ears are bleeding. But we're still cheesin' like Steve Brooks about to hit the bomb string. Stage dive into some highlights after jump.

Photo by Ronnie Riviera

Photo by Ronnie Riviera

Post-Teens and Rose Cross were two back patio acts who played melodic punk variants that were welcome reprieves from the constant barrage of heavy-shredding hardcore-metal. Both bands were from Gainesville and played pop-and-roll pogo anthems.

Post-Teens had a more off-the-rails garage recklessness, paired with archetypal Gainesville/No Idea melodic hardcore. Jay Reatard meets Lifetime? Rose Cross brought to mind '70s West Coast classics like The Bags or X without the twang.

Photo by Ronnie Riviera

Failure Face and Floor played back-to-back sets that reaffirmed Florida's legacy within the larger national punk scene. The former blasted no frills trad first-wave hardcore. The latter dropped massive stoner-metal-pop bombs that had bodies flying through the air like kamikaze pilots ejected from the cockpit.

Photo by Ronnie Riviera

Photo by Ronnie Riviera

Photo by Ronnie Riviera

Headliners Dropdead and Noothgrush represented the Yin and the Yang of 305 Fest, and extreme music in general. These bands perfectly rep the two poles of brutality: Dropdead is crushingly, mind-blurringly, gut-grindingly fast while Nootgrush is torturously, immersively, perversely heavy.


And like we said after Day One of 305 Fest, all of it was moshable.

Critic's Notebook

From the Stage: "This song is called 'Hatred For The Species.'"

Overheard In the Crowd: "Why do circle pits only move counterclockwise?

Crowd Surfing in 2012: Repeat offenders, moshing the hand that feeds, the Warped Tour, small people are allowed to crowd surf.

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Churchill's Pub

5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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cant forget MVM for Day Two: dreadlock dude who did the worm inside the circle pit during Church Whip. Dude's a legend now lol.

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