Daddy Rap! Ten Hip-Hoppers Who've Gone From Bitches to Babies

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Being a famous rapper is awesome. You get all the fancy cars, expensive champagne, and bad bitches your icy heart desires. It's all part of the job description. And for once in your life, you're doing it wrong if you don't brag about it to everyone!

So what happens when shit gets real and a hip-hopper becomes a "proud father"? Well, no two papas are alike, and rap-daddy reactions run the gamut from life-changing to arm-dedicating to meh-whatevering.

Check out this cast of crass role-models and you might be surprised to learn who's got Lego's in the back of their Lambo.

Jay loves girls, girls, girls, girls. Girls he does adore. So he must have been quite happy and surprised when his wifey, Beyonce, gave birth to a bright and bubbly bundle of would-be womanhood. But we imagine the initial elation gave way to the realization his own daughter will, years later, give someone else's son that funk, that sweet, that nasty, that gushy stuff.

Marshal Mathers may be the most infamous father in rap music, mostly because he writes daughter Hailie into everything. He loves her so much, he literally gave an arm for her, tattin baby girl's face on his bicep. And no doubt, it'd be disturbing to grow up knowing daddy rapped about killing mommy. But tracks like "Hailie's Song" and "Mockingbird" will always let Hailie know Papa Eminem isn't a total psycho.

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