DJ Paris Hilton Pisses Off Samantha Ronson and Deadmau5: "It's Like Calling Myself a Doctor After Reading WebMD Twice"

See also "Paris Hilton's DJ Debut Sucked Balls" and "Jane Bang's Diss Track: 'Keep Sucking on That Afrojack Dick.'"

Paris Hilton stabbed electronic dance music in the heart last month when she made her DJ debut at the Pop Music Festival in Brazil.

Sounding like a "prepubescent child on downers" and swaying from "side to side like a drunken bobble figure," the entire "performance" was a complete train wreck.

Unsurprisingly, legitimate DJs are voicing their displeasure with Hilton's amateurish set. And over the weekend, TMZ caught up with DJ Samantha Ronson in Los Angeles and asked her about Hilton's debut.

"That shit with [Paris]. It's like, c'mon man," Ronson says. "She's tried everything now. Just put some quality behind the shit that you do. Put some effort into it.

"It's like me calling myself a doctor after reading WebMD twice."

Ronson is only the latest in string of DJs to speak out against Paris. Last week, New York City's Jane Bang released a "diss track," encouraging Hilton to "keep sucking on that Afrojack dick."

Meanwhile, Deadmau5, who's never one to keep his comments to himself, tweeted "it's over" with a link to Paris Hilton's set. He later mentioned that Mayans "saw this shit coming.

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Chris Edens
Chris Edens

You know electronic music/club music is F'd when the people who spin the music are more famous and popular than the actual artists who make the music.  I know there are many DJ's/Producers and I give props to Deadmau5 but come on guys stop acting like what you are doing something incredibly difficult like compared to mastering an actual instrument.  Paris is a train wreck and she should never be let behind the decks again but Jane Bang and Samantha Rosen ???  hahaha LMAO At least get some decent talent to give the rebuttals.  They are no different than Paris and just as much desire to hear either of them spin.

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