Flo Rida Releasing Workout DVD Series, Shares Five Secrets to "Good Feeling" Abs

Being a full-time electro-pop rapper is hard work. Just ask Flo Rida.

His secret? Serious abs, bro. And Flo's ready to share his fitness tips, telling Billboard about a Rida-branded workout DVD series that could hit shelves as early as the end of this year.

But why wait for the official release date! Peep Crossfade's speculative moves and get "Right Round" to working those "Good Feeling" abs.

The "Right Round"
This is your warm up. Grab some free weights, put your arms above your head, and make little circles in the air, switching from clockwise to counter clockwise. Do this 100 times.

The "Whistle"
This one requires a partner. It's a full-body stretch routine, working the arms, legs, and back. Get ready for some strange positions. Make sure your partner is a real good friend. Bring protection.

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