Flo Rida Releasing Workout DVD Series, Shares Five Secrets to "Good Feeling" Abs

The "Good Feeling"
To really get those workout endorphins pumping, you're gotta do the "Good Feeling." Start by running a mile in your wife-beater. Finish by throwing a few hundred punches at your local kickboxing gym. You don't need a membership. Just tell them you're with Flo.

The "Wild One"
Grab a sexy lady and bench-press that bitch till your arms get sore. Bitches love getting bench-pressed.

The "Club Can't Handle Me"
For this move, you're going to need a full club with a full bar. Then you're going to need to enter that club, get on that bar, do a handstand, complete three reps of ten upside-down pull-ups, and stay psyched by screaming, "Club can't handle me!"

You are now ready to party.

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