Frank Ocean Is Gay: A Ten-Point History of Coming Out in Music, From Bowie to Lance Bass

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Elton John
As a child, John watched Liberace on television and found an idol. He, too, grew up to become an iconic pianoman in crazy, colorful costumes. But he would also become a champion for the gay movement.

Though Elton hit the scene denying his homosexuality, even shacking up with a few women, he came out as bisexual in 1976 during an interview with Rolling Stone. He stayed married to a woman until the late '80s before saying he was finally "comfortable being gay."

David Bowie
On the total opposite side of the coin, David Bowie hit the scene championing his "alternative lifestyle" from the get-go. He came out as gay in 1972, as part of the promotional campaign for his glam-rock character Ziggy Stardust. To imagine such a career move would have been impossible in the days of Liberace and Little Richard, but Bowie helped prepare popular culture for the gender-bending antics of the '70s and '80s.

Later in life, he would change his tune to bisexuality, and even later would claim he's all along been a "closet heterosexual." But his actual inclinations are unimportant, because Bowie's legacy of helping to familiarize straights with gay culture will last long beyond his years.

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I like that David "50" later hold one for me "no problemay" lol!


 It's not a bad as any media article portrqays it ? A few bad apples always ruins it for others ?

Jim Camp
Jim Camp

Wow, virtually everyone of these gay & lesbian artists, I've enjoyed their talents & music without a 2nd thought of their preference/orientation. So how are they unaccepted. People will like or dislike other artists for whatever reasons. Some of these individulas had several reasons depending upon another's lack of tolerance, I mean black & gay in some cases during the era they were in. Odd though, they seemed to have overcome all that racism & hatred to be successful ? Kinda puts a big hole in the theory they weren't accepted ?  So maybe there's hope for the human race after all ? It's not a bad as any media article portrqays it ? A few bad apples always ruins it for others ?

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